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Mexican news

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

super Generic news
not about me.

Mexican News
First to all the first 3d mexican animation movie
was announced.

And its about a bunch of superhero kids that fuse
with brijes (short name for alebrijes and yes the same kind of monsters
I used during the Puppet show story arc)
Sueños tenemos todos, los difícil es tener la decisión y la voluntad para hacerlos realidad”,
dijo Benito Fernández, agradeciendo la decisión de la productora Santo Domingo Films al apostar
por un proyecto arriesgado que hará historia en México.

Brijes (que se deriva de la palabra alebrijes) narra la historia de Freddy, Itzu y Kimo, quienes
descubren el Códice Brije que les revela que ellos son los elegidos para reestablecer la alianza
entre humanos y brijes, por lo que tendrán que viajar por sitios arqueológicos y templos antiguos
de todo el mundo, para conseguir la pieza que permita esa alianza.

Los productores actualmente analizan varias propuestas para la distribución de esta cinta
que cuenta con las voces de Edgar Vivar, Aleks Syntek, Pedro Armendáriz y Humberto Vélez, entre otros.

everyone has dreams, hard to make the choice and the will to make them real,
as said Benito Fernandez, thanking the Santo Doming films production house because they bet
for this risky project that will make history in Mexico.

brijes tells the story of Freddy, Itzu and Kimo, the they discover the brije codec, because the´re the
chosen ones to establish the alliance between humans and brijes, so they have to travel around
arqueological sites and temples around the world to allow that,

(it looks like the children fuse with the alebrijes to became super something,and add some fiction
as Moctezuma was killed by Hernan Cortes because he knew about the brijes)

probably will ate your nearest movie theather around the 2010.
sources and pictures comic
surprised that only showed designs instead of a teaser or some movie pictures captions.
and more surprised that I dint know anything about the project,

alebrije centipede

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Bored, doing another 3d monster , I´ll experiment with something. One morning of work

the sketch

one morning of work, first draft , more soon

sketches and more , again

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

To comic book lovers out there here´s the Ditko special (the crazy guy who invented spiderman and Doc Strange

And Now a Sketch
sketch ladies

Since most of Pilli readers are not from Mexico I took a couple of pictures at my local graveyard


Tube Man
My new pet project tube man

a couple of scans of a side comic I did a while back for a radio program.



the model is almost complete I must finish the textures and part of the skinning and it will be done.

Parade car 2010

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Sorry about the lack of quality lately, trying to use less the computer (3d enviroments nifty cgi effects).
Kinda busy lately because the success of last year Parade car I was assigned again to do the 2010 water system
parade car here are some of the designs and sketches.

Also doing a comicbook with sketch art quality for a mexican podcast about super heroes soon I´ll put here the english version.

Also last week one piece got a new opening beware some spoilers ahead if you dont follow the manga


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