Invasion secretona
December 12th, 2008

Invasion secretona

Love makes you stronger but it hurts a lot.
This comic was done a way faster, I didnt think that I would be able to finish 3 strips this week,
On a related note congrats to all the Lupes out there. (For all the people that doest know, 12 of december we celebrate the day of the virgin of Guadalupe)
See ya.


  1. Khalifa

    I like the way Pilli looks in panels three and four: one cute, one mature. But I do not like the color you have been using for her skin these last few weeks. It looks weird and green compared to the old color.

  2. algeya

    thanks Khalifa you get a Noprize, Pilli got tanned during the beach arc,

    the behind scenes truth is because I wasnt good enough to do decent skins colors
    since Pilli is Mexican her skin color reflects that (aztec and Spanish descendent).
    So she got that color instead of milky white but Im not going to change Mona skin color since she is from Euro somewhere,

  3. ejg

    this arc is all about how thing have change since the comic began, could you make a comic showing how juan came to be was he ever human or is he just a clone?

  4. algeya

    Exactly Elg was about that.
    the origin of Juan was already touched in the first year of Pilli Adventure as only appeared once but before I wrap this story up I´ll explain a little more about his origins.

  5. giovanni

    algeya, just so know. lately, ive been trying to guess what would be the final story arc of Pilli. i got a few ideas

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