March 25th, 2009



Experimenting a little with the art today, the chaneque story is over, this was suppose to be the penultimate saga of Pilli adventure with a different ending but I regretted, anyway the objective of this story was Paco grow as a character ,

the only thing that surpass admitting he has feelings and care about others is become a teacher as he taught the chaneque how to be a man, kinda failed because I didnt use a lot the enviroment to play a little during this saga battle and it was too long I must learn from my mistakes,

Sorry for my grammar kinda hard to me the english words


  1. Evan

    I like this take on the art. It is a little different from before, but with its new texture it feels better than before.

    On the past subject of “fan service”: I have been quiet in the past, but I feel that you should not have fan service in Pilli Adventure. Many of the loud talkers may say they like it, showing skin of girls and guys, but the quiet ones are the ones who do not like it, or see it and leave the comic and do not return. Also it makes it difficult for me to say to other people, “Hey, read this comic!” because I do not want them to find it distasteful. And last, fan service is often seen as a cheap gimmick, as something someone does to get easy attention, and will drive away those people who see it as that.

  2. algeya

    thanks, kinda I feel bad because there were pages that I put so much work
    and there wasnt any comment for any of them and with Fan service comments arise,

    there´s no plans for fanservice in the future, next arc will be a character arc focusing on relationships, and after that will be parody just having fun and mocking
    something that was hinted a while ago.

    thanks for commenting every comment help me to improve the comic,

  3. Evan

    Oh I see. I don’t always make comments because most comics happen during the middle of some story so there isn’t much to say until the end of the story. But I do like your work, and I hope to see much more of it.

    P.S. With the way Paco looks, I am surprised you have not made a Bleach hollow reference with your jokes.

  4. novascottch

    I’m with Evan. Your story and artwork are great and you shouldn’t have to use fan service to keep readers. I love Pilli Adventure and no matter what you do I’ll keep reading it. And I like how all the characters are becoming tied together. I’m interested in finding out Xiu’s grudge 🙂

    By the way, I like the new style. The texture is a nice touch, and after looking back on older pages I can see how much your artwork has improved. Keep it up! Oh, and Mona’s face looks so dang cute in that last panel XD

  5. ColdFusion

    Wow. I hate Evan’s comment so much I want him to die.. people like that are my biggest enemy. 🙁

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