a new foe
August 24th, 2009

a new foe

dont worry its not permanent she got it from the grocery store.

Anyway sorry to be late didnt had the chance to check the grammar, if there is any problem I´ll correct at night more comments later in a hurry see ya


  1. Jeremy Kuehnau

    This art sucks. Why do all your characters look like they have terrible teeth? Stupid faggot.

  2. Seleste

    Don’t listen to this jerk, Pilli Adventure is one of the funniest comics I’ve ever found! Your art is amazing!

  3. algeya

    Dont worry Seleste I dont mind harsh critiques because it help me to be a better artist
    and improve my art,
    Jeremy many kids read this webcomic so please avoid the use of bad words.

    Anyway as a rule I dont erase comments (the only ones that I erase are spam from bots)
    never thought about the teeth , since I draw them with minimal detail,
    -Algeya out

  4. Shakomatic

    hey i just found this comic and spent the entire day reading it this is great how often do you publish

  5. algeya

    mon – wed- and friday,
    Usually update at midnight if its already done but sometimes the comic is up between 11 am and 4 pm (Mexico time)
    Tomorrow comic will be a litte late since Im doing now the pencils

  6. algeya

    ps.- Shakomatic thanks for your preference

  7. novascottch

    Hahaha! Eleventeen! I love it when people do that for some reason. Anyway, I love the Spongebob Gangstapants tattoo. Just think, though, if it’s actually real she’s stuck with it, and it won’t be so cool when she’s 40.

  8. ColdFusion

    Lol that idiot, those are -braces- BRACES
    Bad words are awesome though. They’re not bad 😀 vulgar just means common, after all.

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