Feliz 16 de septiembre (holiday filler)
September 16th, 2009

Feliz 16 de septiembre (holiday filler)

a little break from the story arc because today is very important holiday (this strip is no canon)

Yes We celebrate 5 de mayo but its nothing compared to september 16 when we became a country and expelled the spanish guys who ruled Mexico(the new spain) with iron-fist.

Edited.- sorry for the delay here is the first panel full size

just click it to see it full size


  1. Stanley

    I would like a wallpaper of panel 1. That is just too great – happy, cute, patriotic, and celebratory!

  2. Stanley

    By the way, what is Pilli holding?

  3. Nigger Faggot

    Your art.. It is bad. Please die nigger faggot.

  4. algeya

    its a palanqueta, its a candy made of peanuts and honey, just wait a couple of hours and I´ll upload the fist panel the big edition

  5. nick delonge

    Yeah it is a shame that a lot of USA people think that 5 de Mayo is the date of the Independence of Mexico…morons

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks Nick, you have succeeded in making me feel like a total asshole. Other than that, a palanqueta sounds delicious right about now…mmm…

  7. Stanley

    Thank you for the big version of the first panel!

    (By the way, you might want to delete that bad comment between Stanley’s comment and algeya’s comment.)

  8. algeya

    As a rule I dont erase comments even if they are mean,
    just a kind remember to all haters out there kids read this comic so plz consider your words

  9. ejg

    pero como se me paso esto VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!! y dile a ese gwey nigger hater que inge su madre pues apoco no compa AAHUUUA! y ariva el norte.

  10. Inky

    When does a Mexican refer to the USA as America, ever???

  11. purohueso

    Aquí pasa lo contrario, se celebra la Primera Junta el 18 de septiembre (1810), y todo el mundo cree que es la independencia…, y nadie celebra la verdadera independencia (12 de febrero de 1818)…, y en realidad, no muchos saben siquiera cuando es, XD

    Saludos desde Chile…, en Fiestas Patrias los 2 países, 8D

  12. tavo2

    never Inky
    But Pilli isnt as mean as Paco so instead of calling gringos or estadounidenses
    she is using the proper name as they call themselves

  13. novascottch

    Dude, people, grow up!

    Anyways, I like little side comics like this. It’s nice to learn a little more about the culture. In the last three years of learning Spanish I’ve learned a lot of general things about society, government, and holidays in various Latin American countries, so it was nice to see this one and actually know what was going on.

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