paco is back??? part 7 of 10
May 19th, 2010

paco is back??? part 7 of 10

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mistery solved , Maybe you can remember the lamest enemy ever the dark ring explanations next friday.
Anyway yesterday I broke by mistake my main computer (the comic one) and I lost the original data from this arc (thank god I did a back up a month ago), since I draw everything I just lost the coloring and the the letters but Im Lazy.


  1. Anonymous

    So, the answer was dark magic! Damn, I was so hoping for cyborg ending but this is awesome too!

    I wonder if the Moctezuma Sunglasses will make a reappearance?

  2. Hunter

    Ahora si esto no me lo esperaba. Buen hilo y gran retorno.

  3. novascottch

    I forgot about the ring! But how did it get to Paco’s real body? Dundundun!!!

  4. algeya

    Novascotch explanations in the next update

  5. ColdFusion

    oh god.. that’s so perfect.. I’m glad I’ve been reading up on comics plots so I understand this.. mainstream comics have gotten so ridiculous lately, haven’t they?
    actually I guess they always were..

  6. algeya

    one of the reasons Im mostly a manga fan,
    also dont like Ive to buy 20 tie ins to understand one comic event

  7. Saddust

    Well… I caught up… Now, you’ll have to draw at least 5 pages per day (^v^)
    Btw, congrats, I can see that you are maintening English pages at the same time than Spanish ones double charge ! Even if you got more messages on the English one, it deserves to be mentionned.
    Greetings from France.

  8. ColdFusion

    I just watch the animated version.. even if it gets censored it’s still a better and more cohesive story…

  9. algeya

    5 pages!!!
    thats a lot I´ve like 2 jobs
    maybe In the future but not now sorry

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