Paco is back the end
May 31st, 2010

Paco is back the end

that bottle its not beer.
Storyarc ended, quick comments because I must go back to the office,
This arc written as one alternative ending of Pilli adventure, the lamest enemy was back and done a lot of emotional dmg, Paco gets his original body back and the ring got the doll body , he was killed by all the foes and then left him for death and Pilli and Paco got a happy ending.


  1. Shyamalan

    Awww, how sweet! It’s kind of sad though that Paco’s beautiful body was ripped to shreds.

  2. Hunter

    Entonces en el final alternativo podria a ver sido un final definitivo al Webcomic. O al menos es como lo veo. Aunque de cierta manera se prodria decir que el final alternativo era demasiado obvio.

  3. David

    Some heart touching moments and brutal violence. The perfect comic.

  4. Dennis el Azul

    Podrías dibujar algún día el final alternativo, como extra de lo que pasaría en un universo paralelo.

  5. The Guy

    I really hope Paco isn’t drinking the rat poison in the last panel

  6. algeya

    Dennis & hunter este arc fue parte de una historia desechada llamada los finales de Pilli adv, la idea era presentar varios finales de Pilli adventure desde tristes a felices (uno de ellos iba a ser una batallas bad ass contra la parca)

    thanks for the comments, this little arc was based in one story I wrote long ago named the end of Pilli adventure , in the style marvel the end series I was going to put several hypotetic endings to the series (the bad ending, good ending, etc) this arc was one of them.

  7. ColdFusion

    That would’ve been a good ending.. I’m glad it’s not over yet!!

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