side arc part 8
June 18th, 2010

side arc part 8

In a hurry comments later see ya


  1. Ray Fry

    Is Jinx suppose to be fixing that one little fella’s back?

  2. tsunade sama lv 14

    monster cat yay!!

  3. algeya

    Watch carefully the second panel

  4. Onab

    hahaha ‘che gato chillon todo por una inyección.
    Vamos algeya sigue con tu grandioso esfuerzo.

  5. Anonymous

    Damn…it’s sad to see such a big monster go emo…what a punk.

    Jinx is still being awesome though. *-*

  6. algeya

    Onab, Onab WHERE did I heard that nickname,,,,, HE HE HE

  7. Ray Fry

    Our Holy ways?? Since when were they holy??

  8. Roberto

    Your comic rocks, and I should have posted this a long time ago!

    By the way, today I saw your interview in the 2008 comic challenge, and you pronounced Pilli like a Spanish speaker (which you are) “piyi”, but all this time I thought it was pronounced “pili”, because I know many women named Pilar, who go by Pili.

    I’ve never met anyone called “Pilli”, pronounced “piyi”. Is that rooted from “pillo”, as in troublemaker?

  9. algeya

    Roberto during the aztec days they were two schools the one for the low class and the Pilli school for nobles and priests ,
    also is a rank in other prehispanic cultures

  10. Purohueso

    Ouch, también lo leía así, XD, pero bue, me excuso en que con suerte me pasaron superficialmente las culturas prehispanicas: detalle particular a que poco menos que ignoraron las nativas de aquí…, ese es mi país, ^o), asi que no tenía idea del nombre que tenían (había leído de su existencia, pero por mi cuenta, y no retuve el nombre claramente, si es que salía, :P)

    Jinx face says something like “if I can’t kill you, I will make you suffer, :muahaha:”, XD

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