summer crossover mega event.- super fusion
August 11th, 2010

summer crossover mega event.- super fusion

This cannot be good,
I wish this was a printed comic because kinda needed more panels and pages to describe the transformation,


  1. novascottch

    Ahaha, I’m loving the transformation. It’s like Franky’s nonsense on One Piece XD

  2. tehwerr

    one question (you probably get this a lot but):

    why did pilli turn green randomly in the middle of the Invasion Secreta arc and never turn back?

    even in flashbacks she’s green after that point, I can understand a change in art style but something as major as that midway though a chapter with no explanation.

    other than that fantastic comic here (i just read the whole archives.

    the only other think that annoies me is that none of the sites you’re hosted on have the entire adventures (they skip parts with warning)

    so as I usualy do when i finnish a comic: I rate it

    Art:7/10 (the cartoony style adds the the feel of the comic were it more realistic i wouldn’t like it as much)

    Characters: 5/10 (many of the characters seem to have shoty backgrounds as many were introduced haphazardly when the comic was new, but now that they are here they work quite well together. also you don’t fall into the trap of adding to many characters and having them stay around, long outstaying their welcome)

    Plot:6/10 (the episodically nature of the plot makes it not too overburndening but at the same time not too stagnant, things happen people are intro duced but it never strays too far from home base)

    Humor:8.5/10 (stop apologizing in your blog post about the not being a punch line in a few comics, a humor/adventure comic should be funny when it needs to but serious at times. pilli adventure does this with flying colors)

    “Epic”:7/10 (the bad guys are bad, the good guys are ass? all in all: bad-ass)

    Overall:8/10 (all of these aspects together make a comic that I want to continue reading)

  3. ColdFusion

    God i love the humor in this..

  4. algeya

    the main site dont skip anything I only cut some of the bad filler strips and the pilot, anyway nice review some of the questions like Pilli skin will be answered in a few arcs (Now Im doing 1 months excluding the crossover arc)

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