The Mall
October 25th, 2010

The Mall

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Comic is here Im going to sleep!!!
ps.- before you ask about Paco´s arms those are just temporary repairs.


  1. David Herbert

    What horrific monsters shall they encounter? The greasy fast food worker? The annoying employee who will stalk you for a commission? Loitering teens?

  2. Rikushadow5

    Loitering teens are too high-level for this party, unless Mona’s secretly Lv 80-something.

  3. ColdFusion

    Wow it seems strange to see Pilli dressed that way.. I like it, and I also like how she’s normally dressed XD

  4. algeya

    is not strange, usually when you go to the mall (in my city at least), you dont dress like a Hobo.

  5. Anonymous

    In my city, if you wanna go to the mall you have to dress like a hobo. That way no one will think about pickpocketing you.

  6. reynard61

    “before you ask about Paco´s arms those are just temporal repairs.”

    I think that you mean “temporary”. “Temporal” means “pertaining to time” in a quantum/theoretical sense. (Though they both share the same Latin root word “tempus”; meaning, of course, “Time”.)

  7. algeya

    my mistake I´ll fix it

  8. Erin

    Awww. I love Pilli’s dress!

  9. Rikushadow5

    Jinx seems to get an armor upgrade (or would it be “downgrade”, since she’s wearing less?) every couple of story arcs.

  10. algeya

    thats her deluxe armor for special events (yes going to the mall is always special)

  11. Onab

    HAHAHA as an old friend & one wholives in your city, I must admit that yo drew the mall really close to reallity here hahahaha. Poor Jinx is going to find his ex.

  12. ray

    haha don’t the girls look cute? lol I bet Paco likes how Jinx is looking in that bra or whatever that is.

  13. ColdFusion

    He spelled it right, it’s a bustier.. that’s French 😀
    lol it amuses me that people dress up to go to the mall in Mexico XD we really SHOULD do that.. but we don’t.. in the US..

  14. Anonymous

    Mmm…that Wcdonalds in the background is very subliminal…I want a chicken sandwich 🙁

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