spare parts
December 31st, 2010

spare parts

Last update of the year, err… Happy New Year, yay!


  1. me

    i hope she will join the little group of misfits

  2. ColdFusion

    hey I can think of a few situations where it’d be nice to have girly hands..
    Wait, how much of you do they remove when you’re mummified?

  3. Meadblondie

    unless he’s as young es tutanchamun he wouldn’t need to go to a school, right O_o sooooo are Mumies MADE or BRED here ….. WTF moment of all times XD

  4. algeya

    he was a student at the devil academy but before Pilli visited the school
    he was kick out, anyway when Aton returns his origin will be explained.

  5. Meadblondie

    yeah i remember the sidenote before the mall-battle that he was expelled .. but i meant his actual age… tutanchamun is the only pharao I remembered who was at schoolboy-age ^^ therefore “are mumies made or bred ?” XD

  6. Sploder

    … but, that’s not the hand he was missing…

  7. Meadblondie

    left-right problems , eh ?

  8. ColdFusion

    I saw that too, but it’s right in the panel where he rips it off. I assume he’s either looking down at her REMAINING hand, or he took the other one too so they’d be symmetrical.

  9. Infectedwithboredom

    Maybe he has other plans for her limbs o.o

    This comic just got hella creepy.

  10. algeya

    just a little monsters are evil, I´ll adress Aton origin when he returns but he still trouble maker teen , anyway tomorrow he comic will be up late or maybe tuesday because of the holidays also I need to finish the storyboard of the nex adventure (a clue paper material)

  11. Ray

    Why am I turned on by mummy tits? … lol xp

  12. Infectedwithboredom

    Oh good, I thought I was the only one Ray xD

  13. Rikushadow5

    Is Paco getting a body upgrade or something? Maybe armor? 10 kg kinda seems like a lot for just one doll, is all.

    Also, I think he needs a little more of a body for him to be able to attach that arm, unless he wants 2/3rds of a boob to go with it.

  14. ray

    No infected you aren’t the only one! 😉

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