Where are they part 6
March 28th, 2012

Where are they part 6

He is a nice animal-man thing.
Now I think about it I could have done the last 3 pages in just 3 panels in the old days.
de-compressed story telling is destroying webcomics.

For cultural reference they are street guys that take care/kidnap you car on the streets of mexico they are called “el viene viene”
they think they own the streets, they charge you money if you park your car at a public street and somehow they belive themselves traffic officers because they direct the traffic.

In the capital city I heard if you dont pay them in advance a few coins there is no guarantee that you car will still exist in one piece when you park it on the street.


  1. Ed

    Let’s see if SeƱor can catch a cab.

  2. Dennis el Azul

    This remembers me a scene from Dragon Ball. XP

  3. Xamdiz

    Silly vegetarian bat, that is not how you treat a costumer.

    But I guess that’s why you never have a real job.

  4. ColdFusion

    I’m worrying my comic’s been getting MORE compressed.. I dunno if I like it.. but I’m just so lazy.
    Man, Mexico sounds scary as hell.. I don’t think I’d wanna live there without superpowers.

  5. Ruy F

    We think alike my good sr. http://www.monosymoneros.com/ruy/macoatl/viene_vienes.html (hope that doesn`t get auto flagged as spam) if he is trying a more honest way of life, or just a dishonest one that`s tolerated by the law

  6. algeya

    Dont worry Ruy even if it ends up as spam I check my spam box twice a week,
    ps.- I love how are dressed your ladies in your comic even the samus aran,

  7. Kandarako

    Oh, lord… Los Vieneviene… I know that some of them actually own a parking lot (place/ lot/ don’t know how is called the official site to park others cars) but still use the streets

  8. Ruy F

    Thanks Algeya,nearly ask you for Coa to use him on the Pelote game, but in the end didnt got the time. But I still want to do a Cameo/crossover with Pilli and the gang.

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