the living game part 22…..conclusion??
July 4th, 2012

the living game part 22…..conclusion??

Never outsource your armor parts,
Anyway I did a little guest strip for wayward and sons comic,

Second next week Im going to San Diego comicon, I will not exhibit there, mostly going as business/party/vacation thing anyway I´ll be bringing a few books to give away for free, more details later this week or just follow my twitter account,
As for Pilli adventure for the next couple of weeks there will be a little filler and probably will update only a couple of strips per week (feel free to send fan art or guest strips). In other news my diet was a succes I lost 10 kgs, bad news because I didnt do much exercise I lost muscle and Im ten % weaker I feel like frieza


  1. Kandarako

    best of luck and good resting to you

  2. Edd

    Good night sweet Pentium.

    Also: have fun at the con.

  3. algeya

    thanks, all year was a preparation for this event

  4. ejg

    two weeks NOOOO!!

  5. algeya

    err just the living game arc there is going to be a filler arc

  6. championneko

    I was reading some webcomic like every morning and I was telling myself : “It’s weird, Pili has change her website ? It’s cool but it’s not suiting her story and I’ve already seen this page somewhere, looks like some wayward son page ! *check the url* What the ??? Pili, has managed to surprise me again xD

    Have a Nice SD Comicon ^.~

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