star 6koma part three
October 12th, 2012

star 6koma part three

I was going to post the moon rabbit aztec history but wikipedia beat me to do it

Similar legends occur in Mexican folklore, where people also identified the markings on the moon as a rabbit. According to an Aztec legend, the god Quetzalcoatl, then living on Earth as a man, started on a journey and, after walking for a long time, became hungry and tired. With no food or water around, he thought he would die. Then a rabbit grazing nearby offered herself as food to save his life. Quetzalcoatl, moved by the rabbit’s noble offering, elevated her to the moon, then lowered her back to Earth and told her, “You may be just a rabbit, but everyone will remember you; there is your image in light, for all people and for all times.”

in fact I was doing the asian version but during my research I found that the aztec moon rabbit existed.


  1. ColdFusion

    That’s so interesting, I wonder if they might have taken the moon rabbit with them from asia.. I’d have to find out if other native american peoples had the same idea.
    tbh to me the moon just looks like it has a rash @_@

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