zero love exp.
August 18th, 2008

zero love exp.


  1. Jeremy Kuehnau

    your art is really bad.

  2. Wintermute

    @ Jeremy Kuehnau
    What the heck compelled you to leave that comment? In what way is the art bad? The drawing style may not be what you like, but that doesn’t make the art bad – in fact it’s rather good art since the characters look the same in different angles, the characters and landscapes are proportionally well fitting and the artist can manages pretty well to redraw the same character in the same position. My recommendation is that if you don’t like the art you’re looking at, then dimply don’t look at it or at least give constructive criticism that points out in what way the art can improve.

  3. figgyleaf

    …yeah!! (i can;t add anything else to the previous comment 😛 )

  4. Dr. Jolt

    Maybe Jeremy there said the art sucks, ’cause he’s jealous? and the only thing he can draw is stick figures? *ponders*
    Regardless: My opinion is- don’t be a douche, The artist’s Style is good. I’ve seen Others with “worse” art in my opinon, regardless of the artwork: it’s all about the storyline for me. the art is just a bonus- if you dislike the art so much, go read a chapter book, unless you lack an imagination that much, then you truly have my sympathy. – all that being said, keep up the good work our dear author & artist- I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. novascottch

    Ignore that jerk. I love your art, and it’s all about the story anyway. Besides, I doubt they can draw at all. Only pathetically jealous people leave rude comments void of reason or substance like that.

  6. novascottch

    P.S. I know JUST how those girls feel haha

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