Field work
March 15th, 2013

Field work

to be continued….

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A brand new saga!!
Today was suppose to be a chapter cover update but I didnt like it,


  1. Parisu

    Starting things slow huh?Well the issue here is… Panel 2

    “┬┐Entonces por que hago yo todo el trabajo?”
    “Then why am I doing all the work?”
    “Then why is it im the only one working?” Also works (pun intended)

  2. algeya

    Arrrggg made another mistake sorry, update .- fixed

  3. Raruto

    Topless paco!

  4. ColdFusion

    it’s the first time we’ve seen it too! I like the red painted ribs.

  5. Kandarako

    Descuida. tu ingl├ęs ha mejorado bastante XD

  6. Parisu

    You missed the question mark in th update. After the word “work” there should be a “?” Im not a native english speaker… Im an english teacher…. or at least I would be if I had not dropped out of college to make a card shop. (As in Yugioh and Pokemon Card shop)

  7. Algeya

    My mistake I made the correction before Leaving to work (only has a few minutes) and didnt check because I was in a Hurry, getting tired of those mistakes maybe I should slow down the schedule to improve art and word things, I think this one of the reasons the comic its not bigger, anyway thanks to all of you the comic is always fixed during the first few hours after its been posted
    Parisu I still have a ten year old suicune ex card in my treasure box

  8. khamya9

    Ahh one type of drama replaced with another. It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

  9. Algeya

    just wait

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