real friends
August 9th, 2013

real friends

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and all webcomics readers are the nicest internet people in the world.


  1. khamya9

    Those poor internet trolls. They have no idea how stupid it is to dare Paco to do something.

  2. ColdFusion

    You should listen to them Pollita. All of them.

  3. man in black

    Great page

  4. algeya

    ok Im having internet problems.
    Cannot open pilli site at home, just tested all my devices, contacted my hosting account etc,
    I can enter at any website just fine except pilli adventure,

    just checked on a proxy, internet coffe house, and my cellphone that is connected to another network and the site is up,

    the problem I cannot enter my dashboard with another network so I cannot post the rest of the comics and wont be able to contact the technician until monday,

    any help would be welcome

  5. algeya

    ps.- for new strips check my mirror site
    meanwhile I solve this trouble

  6. ColdFusion

    must be a DNS thing.

  7. algeya

    Ok the comic will not suffer delays because I did magic (boring stuff)
    but if I dont want to upload the comic always at starbucks
    I will really need a technician to solve this problem

  8. Maju

    My best guess, Algeya, is that somehow your computer is forbidding you from accessing You should check first of all the options at your firewall. If negative results, then, use an alternative browser (say that you use Firefox, try Chrome for a change or whatever), that would be diagnostic that the problem is in your browser (and five you a way around for the time being) unless you can’t access with either.

    If nothing of that, you may want to do either: (a) call a local technician (probably not too costly), or (b) load everything into the cloud or backup disks and fully reinstall the OS. Now, if you have one of those Windows that come with the PC (no disks), then (b) is problematic but that’s an easy way to fully reset the computer if you own the disks or you are on Linux (as I am).

    If you are on default PC Windows OS, I’d call a local technician, it’s probably something in what-was-its-name… those Windows’ system settings, you know. It’s probably best that someone with knowledge handles them directly.

    From what you say, it’s clear that the problem is in your PC, maybe you were hacked or maybe you did something that you don’t even know what was it. Else you should not be able to connect from other PCs, actually none of us should be able to, right?

  9. algeya

    thank you maju already gone there done that,
    yes I will calling the technician tomorrow , the problem its not with my pc I was already able to log to my cpanel at the local starbucks its something different probably with my internet provider.
    the dashboard thing is another different thing,

  10. algeya

    unable to solve the problem and it seems the site didnt do the automatic update..
    meanwhile you can find the new comic here at the mirror site

  11. Sim

    “Big LUNGS of meat”. I assume it should be “LUMPS of meat”.

    Thanks for posting the DrunkDuck link. I didn’t know they has Pilli stuff there.

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