November 8th, 2013


Maybe Ive to give some context for the rest of the world,
according to school when Spain conquered Mexico, the result of aztecs and spaniards were mexicans ergo the mixed races rules the country
but in reality most of the poor people look like aztecs and some of the rich people are caucasians (not all the cases and after 500 years I dont know if its true).
Hate that used too many words again…sorry


  1. Isaac

    Tanto tiempo leyendo tu comic casi diario y nunca me había tomado el tiempo de felicitarte por tu excelente trabajo. Sigue así! =D

  2. Algeya

    Gracias, happy emoticon
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  3. ColdFusion

    it’s true in india too but their excuse is the caste system keeps different genetic lines separate.
    maybe the poorer people are just more tan because they spend more time outside..

  4. khamya9

    Paco speaks the truth! On both counts.

    Something that always makes me chuckle about this sort of argument is that either you accept conquest as a rightful way to gain land, in which case your ancestors lost their right to it fairly. Or you reject conquest as a rightful way to gain land, in which case your ancestors didn’t deserve the land because they took it from someone else. Either way, it’s not yours.

    Even if we claim the Aztecs were the original builders of Teotihuacan and some of the other really old central Mexican cities, that still only gets them to the area in AD 50-ish. But that area’s been settled and fought over since 10,000 BC so they still conquered the area from someone else. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen it claimed that Aztecs dated to much before 1300 AD.

    Same thing in the united states (native americans), palestine, and eastern europe, and southeast asia, and everywhere else people get offended about having lost their land to a conqueror. It was ok for their ancestors to conquer the land, but not ok for anyone else to conquer them.

    Which is why Paco’s answer is the best. =) We have the geopolitical reality that we live in today, and no it’s not perfect. Make the best of it and appreciate people for what they have to offer. Hopefully more than just sexy women, but hey, gotta start someplace.

  5. algeya

    wow thats a really super big analysis,
    mostly aztec conquered but mostly asked for tributes and they were the original builders of tenichtitlan (a fraking city build on a lake)

  6. man in black

    great page

  7. Maju

    With the advent of population genetics we can know to some extent the reality and the myth of stuff like what you mention in the comment, Algeya. As you can see in fig. 4 (left) of Wang 2008 (, for example, the inhabitants of Mexico City range from purely European to almost purely Native. The average capitaline Mexican may be half and half (maybe slightly more European than Native) but what you mention about varying levels of admixture is very real.

    As for what Khamya9 says above, Teotihuacan was not built by the Aztecs but by another much older nation whose name is not even remembered (so-called “Classic Veracruz Culture”). It seems to be at the origin of all Mesoamerican civilization indeed but the Aztecs themselves were a warrying elite arrived from further North (what is now SW USA) belonging to the Uto-Aztecan macro-ethnicity (language family), including nations like the Shoshone, Hopi, Pima, Tarahumara, Yaqui or Huichol. For what I read, the Nahua peoples (i.e. proto-Aztec) migrated to Central Mexico only in the 6th century (CE), adopting the already existing Mexica cosmology and civilization and establishing themselves atop of it. They had themselves a legend of origin further north in a place known as Atzlán (either in Northern Mexico or SW USA). Naturally they alienated many locals, some of which joined Cortés in his conquest campaign (naturally the Castilian conquerors did not achieve their victories with just a bunch of European soldiers, the bulk of their armies were native disgruntled peoples, with whom they allied).

    Teotihuacan’s zenith was around 450 BCE, by the way, not “50-ish”. That’s around the birth of Socrates. The overall agricultural civilization is indeed much much older, of course.

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