December 12th, 2014


early comic because I say so.

Anyway lately Ive been playing  hearthstone is a card game from the guys that made world of warcraft is fremium game if you win you win gold to buy decks with some cards, but I lose all the time because I dont have good cards and I dont  have good cards because I dont win games, you can get cards using real life money but I learned that lesson when I collected Pokemon and yugioh cards and I dont want to waste a lot of money again ,

next .- conclusion?


  1. PcJax

    So far the secret to obtain cards without lose real money is being good in Arena play. You don’t need to be very good at first (at least 3 wins is okay, 7 is profit) because you can always do your daily quest for more gold.

    So far I only invested 2 dollars (because I wanted a golden card they give for buy something with real money on the beta), and have almost every classic card (except for some legendaries) and all naxxramas.

  2. man in black

    Uh oh

  3. Algeya

    Im mr badguy usually in arena I lose all the time
    Despise of choosing ten level 1-2 minions I always top deck
    High level monsters, always top deck bad cards
    For example in one match my opponent had very few cards in hand I dominared the field my opponent used a spell to clear the field
    I didnt mind because I kept my best monsters in my hand and all the monsters he destroyed replaced themselves

    Then he played the same spell and destroyed my field
    I didnt mind because I keep two very strong minions in my hand and he already used all his spells,I summon those ubers but he top decked something twice to control my underlings and I Was not Able to recuperate and all happened in 3 turns

  4. ColdFusion

    At least it makes sense to pay for something like that. If you’re playing a board game or a sport it’s bizarre to suddenly charge you more mid-game, but card games have always let you buy more cards.. i dunno

    I imagine stargirl’s charm tasted like delicious freeze-dried marshmallows from cereal. I would totally eat stargirl cereal.

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