old games part 2
January 25th, 2016

old games part 2

what the f…. japan!
some cultures I weird but in fact I would love to play shojo contra force , but since now cost more pesos to buy a single dollar
perhaps I should stop ordering weird otaku games from japan


  1. man in black

    Of coyrse it would be that

  2. ColdFusion

    Better to just do a rom hack/indy game and make it just like you ever dreamed! I know I’d like to be involved in a project like that.. I can do pixel art..

  3. Big

    In English ‘Jap” is a racial slur.

    This game truly is an aberration, Sempai shouldn’t have to try hard to gain the affection of not-Sempai.

  4. tavo2

    fixed thanks

  5. ColdFusion

    Even by slur rules I refuse to accept abbreviations as offensive. What, you’re okay with the whole word, but not the first half? Besides everybody uses it, and they all use it nicely. Don’t they get to vote?
    Whatchu think Mex?

  6. Big

    Yep, we have Yank, Frenchy, Brit, Kiwi (not an abbreviation but close), Turks, Saudis, etc but only Jap and Eyetie are racist. I have no clue about Canada, the UK, etc but in the US its tied back to World War 2. We were so racist we were racist against the Italians (Yea I know it doesn’t make sense, racism is stupid).
    This is of course slightly annoying since Japanese is begging for an abbreviation in English where everything demands a shorter version.

    Aside: I want to know if Mother Pilli bought this game and got exactly what she wanted from it.

  7. tavo2

    everyday you learn something new,
    from now on Pilli will not be racist because she is already a mexican

  8. Highmax

    The short for for Canadian tends to be Cannuk or spelled something as such. I don’t find it offensive. Just be careful calling a Canadian from Newfoundland a Newfie

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