Chikunguya strikes back
February 8th, 2016

Chikunguya strikes back

4 cases in a country of millions of people , there is a bigger chance to Win the lottery but Im not a doctor so dont follow my advice


  1. Dennis el Azul

    It could be worse, it could rain.

  2. Katagiri

    I know how you feel, They are saying to avoid my Country, Brazil, as well. At least I didn’t get sick. XD

  3. ColdFusion

    the important thing is we need to wipe out mosquitoes right now. we have the chemicals, just some jerk lied and said they killed birds.

  4. man in black

    Great page

  5. Rexhinalt

    I’ve been to Mexico City a few times, working at trade shows. The water served at business-class hotels (in or near Zona Rosa) seems to be ok (they probably have filters in the buildings for all water), but your mileage may vary. Always test with a small amount and give yourself time before assuming its ok for you. I did get minor grumbles from my stomach drinking beverages prepared at the worker’s kitchen of the Centro Banamex convention center (next to Hipodromo De Las Americas, Lomas de Sotelo) but never full-blown “Montezuma’s Revenge”. The Sanford restaurant next to the exposition center of course was no problem.

  6. Son

    That watermark: not so good.

    Small grammar error in panel 1. “everyone due TO Zika”

    What is the best thing to drink if you can’t drink the tap water? Do soda and bottled water use tap water sources? Is the best choice just light beer?

  7. Katagiri

    The chemicals really kill birds and good insects. Believe me, I’m a zoologist.

  8. ColdFusion

    Bollocks. There was never any proof, and they went ahead and banned it anyway. Even if proof is found later, the rules say you have to never trust it again. Besides you have to put people first.

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