filler.- help Mexico
February 3rd, 2017

filler.- help Mexico

there is campaing in my country to consume only mexican products because you know…… but how can I live without mcdonalds, pizza hut etc


  1. caregar

    eso ya esta dificil que es ya mexicano y que no las franquicias solo pagan réditos y hacen trabajo a los mexicanos hacer boicot solo daña mas laos que tienen que trabajar y eso es en ambos lados

  2. Rexhinalt

    The handful of times I visited Mexico (The City, DF) in the early 2000’s for trade show work, I tried to avoid eating American :D. Why travel otherwise? During setup at the exposition hall (Centro Banamex), I’d eat the standard lunch with the local workers; during the show itself, when that wasn’t available, at the Sanfords restaurant on the site. I was lucky enough to get put in nice hotels by my employer; I’d have the breakfast buffet (that corn fungus stuff is surprisingly good!), but I’m a working man on a budget, not an executive, so for dinner I’d usually hit someplace not so expensive, like Vips. If I was feeling daring, I’d hit a push-cart sandwich maker…super cheap, but a little risky for a gringo’s gut 😉 Howto spot the gringo in December in DF: 16?, he’s the only guy on the street wearing a t-shirt and jeans, no coat, and looks happy about it (because the temperature back home was more like 2?…)

  3. Rexhinalt

    That was supposed to be 16 degrees C and 2 degrees C respectively…

  4. Aisu

    It makes more sense to boycott Trump and whatever sells his merchandise as well as his wife’s stuff. But I don’t blame anyone being mad at the U.S. right now.

  5. ColdFusion

    Fff everyone knows food is best when it’s traveled through multiple hands. American Mexican food, British Indian food, Japanese Chinese food…
    In any case, everyone selling food in Mexico is Mexican, right? So you’re giving them money no matter what.

  6. maninblack

    That didn’t last long

  7. Bal

    Conveniently I was just on

    Does Pollo Loco count anymore?

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