May 29th, 2017


continued from here,
we are back, (still dont have games for the switch lol),
Anyway next friday is going to be my friday , working hard on the steam campaign and patreon so I can live from my comics (recently lost my office job)


  1. maninblack

    And looks like they made a big one

  2. Flargon

    Just got caught up after not reading for 7 years.

    A few suggestions:

    I think it would be hilarious if any grammar mistakes made by Borracho Man were left uncorrected (when he is in drunk mode).

    It would be neat if you could do a DLC for the Pilli Adventure game where you can play as Jinx (possibly with Mona assuming the Pilli role, or another DLC for playable Mona). Think of it as a Zero to Paco’s Megaman. I say DLC (as opposed to being in the core game) as the extra coding/artwork would delay the release of the game, so programming it after the core game would allow for a timely release; also, extra money for the extra work.

    Would it be possible to make a version of the Pilli Adventure game for release on Google Play, Apple Store, and/or Microsoft Store after it’s completion? It looks like it might be possible for it to run on Android/Apple/Zune phones/tablets with a little modification for controls. It also might make a good backup plan in the unfortunate event it doesn’t get greenlit.

    I love your story, characters, world, and art.

  3. tavo2

    Nice to see you back Flargon, thanks to my readers like cold fusion I fix all grammar mistakes, I’m happy that you enjoyed the last seven years of Pilli Adventure , yes there is no plans for the core game to include more playable characters (Pilli , Mona and more are npc characters ) perhaps as a dlc or a sequel if the game sells well,
    Yes there is a backup plan in the steam green light fails (is going well at the moment ) Google play is in my plans in a future release but I’m only one man army besides two beta testers ( Chucho and Abo)

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