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swine flu, the true

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

The truth about the flu here is Mexico, a family member who is outside of the country told me
that in the news over there Mexico streets are deserted, thats not the true.

Everyone is scared like always , the drugstores are out of vitamins and my local supermarket
forced the employees to wear face masks, the class are suspended kids are happy because of that,
we listen to reports about sick people on the tv all the time, and football games are empty
and some restaurants in Mexico city are closed but its not like that movie where USA everyone got infected with monkey ebola,

Yes maybe they are over reacting but thats better than getting and of course the offices and workplaces
are still working.

just to be clear they are nit zombie mutated human pigs on the streets of my city at least not in Veracruz
I dont know about the rest of Mexico

swine flu the aftermath

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Mexico after the flu

After a couple of weeks everyone got tired of the swine flu, medical masks and disinfectant gel were sold out , now those things are rooting at the local markets,the tourists canceled their travel plans and cities like cozumel and Cancun are suffering.

loved the creativity of mexico, like the 20 pesos note.

and the swine flu music video

(in spanish)

and we should not forget the fashion medical masks for goths, nacos, the poor and the super models.


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