pokemon gold and silver remake

quote from serebii
Yes, it’s officially confirmed. Tonight the Japanese Yahoo site updated with the logos of the new Pokemon games for the DS: HeartGold and SoulSilver. The rest of the update is mostly a recount of how successful the original Gold & Silver were, its 10 year anniversary, and speaks of the 1st gen remakes on the GBA. An expected release date of Fall 2009 is also listed. Obvious enough.

And for those of you who would still have doubts (there always are!), the official Japanese Pokemon website also updated with the logos and an even shorter blurb with the same information, adding that old and new elements will be present in the games.

I dont want this remake, everyone loved gold and silver back then but it doesnt offer something unique that you cannot find with newest pokemon games, the only thing that separate this one with the rest is the kanto sidequest,
everyone was angry because you couldnt travel to Johto and Kanto during the rse era,
but ruby , saphire was a new start and introduced a lot of elements that were improved later during the 4th gen eration
but each generation are totally better than the last, it was a blast pokemon leaf green and fire day
because they were updated with the 3th generation improvements and added a big sidequest with the sevii islands.
So lets hope for the best ,gamefreak dont let us down.


  1. Saizo

    oh nice….. i always likes silver and gold the most. gonna be nice too see what this is like. i really did’t like leaf green and ruby red for gba the remake of the red and blue =/

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