Paco is back??? part 4 of 10
May 7th, 2010

Paco is back??? part 4 of 10

My favorite panel was the second one (I drew the background with my wacom the rest with my pens),
Loved all your comments, wed update would have been a perfect strip for friday I regret not doing a filler for monday strip.
Ive nothing else to say So Im going to name my top ten Gameboy advance games in no particular order
,fire emblem sacred stones, advance wars, pokemon ruby and fire red, final fantasy tactics, megaman network 1, f-zero, castelvania the circle of the moon, tactics ogre, final fantasy 1&2

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  1. Hunter

    Me quedo con el 4 panel y el colapso mental. Y comparto el TopTen, pero en mi caso creo que quitaria F-Zero y colocaria Megaman Zero(del 1 al 4)

  2. David

    Is he a clone? A zombie? A long lost twin brother?

  3. Anonymous

    I love Fire Emblem, and fantasy tactics, both games that never get old!

    On topic: My theory is a cyborg robot, I think that would make a lot more sense. It’d be easier too, a clone would be too difficult and would have feelings and such, a zombie would probably be more interested in feasting on brains. So yeah, I got 20 pesos(or whatever you guys use) saying that the human paco is a robot!

    Or a dream/nightmare.

  4. Geese Howard

    Is a pitty Tactics Ogre: The knight of Lodis never came to Europe. u_u

  5. novascottch

    I’m going with the Xiu theory, guys. I think it’s pretty much been established. I missed it at first, but somebody commented and mentioned all he had to do was style his hair like Paco and they would look almost exactly alike. Which is true, because when he first showed up I got them mixed up a couple times haha You can tell by the way his hair is outlined, too. My isn’t he the sneaky little devil?

  6. novascottch

    Well, no I take that back. His face is rounder than Paco/Paco-look-alike’s and his hair doesn’t do the outline thing like I remembered. Xiu’s skin is lighter, too. Must be someone/something else. Darn, and I thought I was doing pretty good lol

  7. algeya

    my lips are sealed but theyre going to be a few hints before I reveal the mistery

  8. Jamtex

    Is mistery part of the fog of distraction? Or are you planning to add Pokemon Yellow bosses to the story plot changing the names slightly so Nintendo don’t sue your arse? I’ll get my coat…

    Nice story, although you took 2 hours of my life, damn you… :p

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