Paco is back???
May 10th, 2010

Paco is back???

Would you be able to hit your own cute face?
for new readers Paco died in a traffic accident saving Pilli, the next scene we woke up in Pilli´s room as a calavera doll.


  1. Crinos

    Wait, if his face was disfigured, why does he look like Paco now?

    No no this doesn’t add up at all!

  2. Anonymous

    No no, you don’t get it. I think it means that after the accident, Paco was taken to a hospital, and his identity was mixed up with another patient. Therefore leading everyone to believe he was dead, but in reality he was in a coma. Now he’s awake and he’s back.

    BUT WAIT! Then where did Paco Calavera come from? Like, his mind and soul? Is it possible that Pilli used her own memories to forge a false soul onto Paco Calavera? Therefore leading himself to believe he IS Paco? Kinda like in Full Metal Alchemist.

    What a twist!

    I ain’t buying it for 1 second, this guy is a poser. I’m sticking to my android/robot theory.

  3. tavo2

    exactly Anonymous, I couldnt explain it with better words

  4. Slaymore

    What would Pilli adventure be without Paco Calavera? So this guy is obviously a fake for plot reasons!

  5. coldheart7

    lol anonymous knows all…

  6. novascottch

    Wow, Anonymous. My mind has been blown by your awesome reasoning.

  7. ColdFusion

    Hmm.. Is this like that Star Trek where there were two Rikers? Did Pilli use a transporter to move the soul? Herrrnnn…

  8. Crinos

    Oh, HIS face was disfigured, not Paco’s, my bad. Misread a panel there.

  9. Purohueso

    If I’m not wrong, I’m seeing a reference to a certain manga (not just FMA), 😛

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