future shock 31
Monday — September 22nd, 2014

future shock 31

he deserve it,
Anyway Ive been playing the super smash bros demo,
two months ago I was able to test the smash bros game via nintendo events but now with more time in my hands I was able to play megaman in detail, and I really bad using him, yes he is my favorite character but Im able to beat more opponents with link or pikachu but never fear I will practice everyday because he is a super fighting robot MEGAMAN!!



testing my page this will be deleted soon

Oh my god!!!!!

oh my g…..
those games came out more than a decade ago…………
still use some of the pokemon that I breed in that game (most of them are in my competitive tourney teams)

thanks to my pokemon ruby game, I got a lot of online/offline friends.

global call!

internet trouble english-mini2

behind the screen video(spanish version)

subs coming later (it could take a couple of months sorry)

Merry x-mas!!!

xmas english
Happy holidays..
kinda super busy because of the holidays,
no comic on x-mas so here are some old holidays comics from the archives

-saving x-mas.
-A very Mona X-mas
-Paco´s present
-X-mas videos
-x-mas ruin
-3 ghosts minus one

plz help



The Comic Creators for Freedom fundraiser is back…
It’s our fourth year and we’re ready to make a difference!

Each year, over 100 comic creators from around the world come together to raise funds in support of Love146. We comic book creators are a notoriously passionate, outspoken ilk, but we found one thing we all could agree on: every child deserves a chance go grow up safe and happy. Most of us spend our days writing and drawing stories about brave heroes. Banding together to form the Comic Creators for Freedom, we finally have a chance to become the heroes.

Superheroes come to the rescue. That is why we are raising money specifically for Love146 and their work in providing care to survivors of child trafficking and sexual exploitation.


tribunal of the superweyes super app!

If you you didnt know I participate at the tribunal de los super weyes podcast(sorry is in spanish)
and we launched a new app for the apple store, the tranship crew made it possible, thank guys.
please feel free to give us reviews

Pilli at Token podcast

hell yea!

Vs fer. Again

Thanks everyone who came to See me at the festocomic
Expect a full report when I get home

Festocomic exclusive products.-

Next week I will be at the festocomic comicbook convention
there I will have my new book in spanish (do not get confuse with the indiegogo book this is kinda different)
pilli vol 2
Pilli adventure vol. 2.00 vs the humans
199$ pesos
full color an entire year of Pilli adventure (2012)
Mona adventure special
$50 pesos
22 pages full color
mona adventure

plus I will have exclusive postcards and prints.

see ya there

Also a promotion a free comic if you bring me a meloetta


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