• 2023

    December 29|time to duel again (filler)
    December 25|Merry XMAS!!!
    December 22|X-mas no more
    December 19|Maid time(filler)
    December 15|co op 2
    December 12|co op
    December 8|He again
    December 5|flashback again
    December 1|Angel Juice
    November 28|Deities Epilogue
    November 24|epilogue xiu
    November 21|Unlocked
    November 17|Bitten
    November 14|Don’t get lost (filler)
    November 10|those guys
    November 7|Vs Ravana 3
    November 3|VS RAVANA 2
    October 31|VS Ravana
    October 27|Ravana’s back up plan
    October 24|creating a cult
    October 20|third group
    October 17|Xiu.-behind the mask
    October 13|xiu in jail
    October 10|Gathering intel
    October 6|Ravana
    October 3|new recruit#4 .- Enter Ravana
    September 29|New Recruit #4
    September 26|Recruit #2
    September 22|Recruit #1
    September 19|Ancient deities 1
    September 15|Isekai interlude part 2
    September 12|Isekai interlude
    September 8|Geeky Plaza(filler)
    September 5|Don’t look at me (filler)
    September 1|sandwich time!!!!
    August 29|wash(filler)
    August 25|Bed 1
    August 22|Nario Kart 4
    August 18|Nario kart 3
    August 15|Nario Kart 2
    August 11|Nario Kart
    August 8|Beds 3 (filler)
    August 4|Beds 2 (filler)
    July 31|Beds (filler)
    July 28|people from towns(filler)
    July 25|Bus Hero(filler)
    July 21|Robbers again(again filler)
    July 18|In the Bus 2 (filler)
    July 14|in the Bus(filler)
    July 11|the pillows
    July 7|seats
    July 4|the trip part 2 (filler)
    June 30|the trip part (filler)
    June 27|lost final
    June 23|Lost 38
    June 20|Lost 38
    June 16|Lost 37
    June 13|Lost 36
    June 9|Lost 35
    June 6|Lost 34
    June 2|Lost 33
    May 30|Lost 32
    May 26|Lost 31
    May 23|Lost 30
    May 19|Lost 29
    May 16|Lost 28
    May 12|Lost 27
    May 9|Lost 26
    May 5|Lost 25
    May 2|Lost 24
    April 28|Lost 23
    April 25|Lost 22
    April 21|LOST 21
    April 18|Lost 20
    April 14|Lost 18
    April 11|Lost 17
    April 7|Lost 16
    April 4|Lost 15
    March 31|Lost 14
    March 28|Lost 13
    March 24|Lost 12
    March 21|Lost 11
    March 17|lost 10
    March 14|Lost 9
    March 10|Lost 8
    March 7|Lost 7
    March 3|lost 6
    February 28|lost 5
    February 24|Lost 4.
    February 21|Lost 3
    February 17|Lost part 2
    February 14|lost part 1
    February 10|Aftermath part 7
    February 6|Aftermath 6
    February 3|Aftermath 5
    January 31|Aftermath 4
    January 27|Aftermath 3
    January 24|Aftermath 2
    January 20|Aftermath part 1
    January 17|Isekai guy cover
    January 13|Learning Online (filler)
    January 10|DEVIL ON THE HILL part 2
    January 6|Hill devil
    January 3|Happy new Year(filler)


    December 30|Happy holidays 2022
    December 27|filter (filer)
    December 23|merry xmas
    December 20|CARDS (filler strip)
    December 16|Alone in the dark part 2
    December 13|Alone in the dark (filler)
    December 9|football patreon exclusive strip
    December 6|Patreon exclusive strip
    December 2|Isekai guy 24
    November 29|Isekai guy 23
    November 25|Isekai guy 22
    November 22|Isekai guy 21
    November 17|Isekai guy 20
    November 15|Isekai guy 19
    November 11|Isekai guy 18
    November 8|Isekai guy 17
    November 4|isekai guy 15
    November 1|isekai guy 14
    October 28|Isekai guy 13
    October 25|isekai guy 12
    October 21|Isekai Guy 11
    October 18|Isekai Guy #10
    October 14|isekai guy #9
    October 11|Isekai guy#8
    October 7|Isekai guy#7
    October 4|Isekai guy #6
    September 30|Isekai guy #5
    September 27|Isekai guy #4
    September 23|Isekai Guy #3
    September 20|Isekai guy #3
    September 16|Isekai guy part 1
    September 13|2021 Recap
    September 9|school again (filler)
    September 6|Mother’s day (filler)
    September 2|Back to school 1 (Filler)
    August 30|Team hot (filler)
    August 26|podcast final(filler)
    August 23|Podcast 2(filler)
    August 19|Podcast (filler)
    August 16|party 6
    August 12|party 5
    August 9|party 4
    August 5|filler.- party 3
    August 2|filler .- party
    July 29|filler.- holy water
    July 26|Brand new adventure remix 19.-has been defeated
    July 22|Brand new adventure remix 19.-Saved
    July 19|Brand new adventure remix 18.-fainted
    July 15|Brand new adventure remix 18.-how dare you
    July 12|Brand new adventure remix 17 .-brand new battle
    July 8|Brand new adventure remix 16 .-justice?
    July 5|Brand new adventure remix 15 .-here we go again
    July 1|Brand new adventure remix 14 .-when the evil monster attacks
    June 28|Brand new adventure remix 13 .-take my blood
    June 24|Brand new adventure remix 12 .-anemia again
    June 21|Brand new adventure remix 11 .- oh no.
    June 17|Brand new adventure remix 10 .- exposition man
    June 14|Brand new adventure remix 9.- young man
    June 10|Brand new adventure remix 8.- the hospital again
    June 7|Brand new adventure remix 7.- oh no….
    June 3|Brand new adventure remix 6.- Respect
    May 31|Brand new adventure remix 5 covering for her
    May 27|Brand new adventure remix 4 come over here.
    May 24|Brand new adventure remix 3 .- love you.
    May 20|Brand new adventure remix 1.- angry
    May 17|Brand new adventure remix 1
    May 13|Brand new day remix
    May 10|recap 2
    May 6|recap part 2
    May 3|latest arc recap 1
    April 29|last battle (filler)
    April 26|sports fan (filler)
    April 22|spring break 22(filler)
    April 19|Old games (filler)
    April 15|the real one
    April 12|Pilli Dating sim (filler)
    April 8|devil wish(another filler)
    April 5|lucky shirt (filler)
    April 1|warm me- (filler)
    March 29|stream part 2 (filler)
    March 25|Streamer(filler)
    March 22|costume party (filler)
    March 18|black friday filler strip
    March 15|heatstroke filler strip
    March 11|chapter cover
    March 8|ch9-epilogue
    March 4|ch9-44
    March 1|ch9-43 aftermath 1
    February 25|ch9-42 together….
    February 22|ch9-41 Rebirth
    February 18|ch9-40.-Reports of my death were greatly exggerated
    February 15|ch9-39.-no name
    February 11|ch9-38.-strongest
    February 8|ch9-37.-Not Paco
    February 4|ch9-36.-extra lives
    February 1|ch9-34.-muerte
    January 30|ch9-33.- ………..
    January 29|ch9-32.- extra boom
    January 28|ch9-31.- with love.
    January 25|ch9-30.- Intimidate attack.
    January 21|ch9-29 foursome
    January 18|ch9-28 love hug?
    January 14|ch9-27.- hey!!!!!
    January 11|ch9-26.- get out of my way!
    January 7|ch9-25.- the last hope.
    January 4|Happy New Year!(filler)


    December 31|Happy new year!!!!
    December 28|happy holydays
    December 24|Merry X-mas 2021
    December 21|ch9-24… last hope
    December 17|ch9-24…..revived
    December 14|ch9-24 is he
    December 10|ch9-23 Macho man
    December 7|ch9-22 power of love?
    December 3|ch9-21 Battle of the deities-
    November 30|ch9-20 it’s really vomit
    November 26|ch9-19.- vomit
    November 23|ch9-17.-how to hurt a deity
    November 19|ch9-17.-friends
    November 16|ch9-16.-love and scratches
    November 12|ch9-15.- I don’t have time
    November 9|ch9-14.- final battle?
    November 5|Apocalipsis ch9 page 13.- Giant monster time!!!
    November 2|Apocalipsis ch9 page 12.- movie time
    October 29|Apocalipsis ch9 page 11.-small?
    October 26|Apocalipsis ch9 page 10.-Blood
    October 22|Apocalipsis ch9 page 9.-together
    October 19|Apocalipsis ch9 page 8.-Slap!
    October 15|Apocalipsis ch9 page 8. Escape
    October 12|Apocalipsis ch9 page 7.-hunger
    October 8|Apocalipsis ch9 page 7.-chocolate
    October 5|apocalipsis ch9 page 6
    October 1|Apocalipsis chapter 9 page 5
    September 28|Apocalipsis Chapter 9 part 4
    September 24|Chapter 9 part 3 .- that’s mine!
    September 21|part 9 page 2 .- vs deities
    September 17|Apocalipsis part 9 page 1 .- Gods among Us
    September 14|filler #2 powerless
    September 10|filler .- rain
    September 8|Apocalipsis final part
    September 6|Xochipilli
    September 2|Deity data file#2 Coatitle
    August 31|Deity data files 1.- Tlaloc
    August 27|ch7-21
    August 24|ch 7 page 20
    August 20|ch 7 page 19
    August 17|ch 7 page 19
    August 13|ch 7 page 18
    August 10|ch 7 page 17
    August 6|ch 7 page 17
    August 3|ch 7 page 16
    July 29|chapter 7 page 16
    July 26|filler .- Diet
    July 23|Place holder
    July 19|chapter 7 page 15
    July 16|chapter 7 page 14
    July 13|chapter 7 page 13
    July 9|apocalipsis chapter 7 part 12
    July 6|apocalipsis chapter 7 part 11
    July 1|apocalipsis chapter 7 part 9
    June 29|apocalipsis chapter 7 part 8
    June 25|apocalipsis chapter 7 part 7
    June 21|Apocalipsis chapter 7 part 6
    June 18|Apocalipsis part 7 page 5
    June 15|Apocalipsis 7 page 4
    June 11|apocalipsis part 7 page 3
    June 10|chapter seven part 2
    June 9|chapter seven part 1
    June 8|Apocalipsis part 6 cover
    June 4|end of chapter five
    June 1|boom
    May 28|You can eat him
    May 25|GAME OVER MAN
    May 21|Explosion
    May 18|Vs Nazabot 3.5 part 4
    May 14|vs nazabot 3.5 part 3
    May 11|vs nazabot 3.5 part 2
    May 7|vs nazabot 3.00
    May 4|Nazabot again
    April 30|reunion 2
    April 27|I saw that version.
    April 23|ritual escape
    April 16|RITUAL OF BATTLE 1
    April 9|Naza bot strikes back
    April 6|fear
    April 2|Fear Again
    March 30|wait
    March 26|Snake Body
    March 22|those guys
    March 18|part 5 page one
    March 16|chicks1 -filler
    March 9|End of part 4
    March 4|Victory 2
    March 2|Victory
    February 26|ask a question
    February 23|round two -two
    February 19|round two
    February 16|friendship is dead
    February 12|friendship talk
    February 9|Jinx flashback 2
    February 5|Jinx flashback part 1
    February 2|vs tuukul part 2
    January 29|vs tuukul 1
    January 26|apocalipsis chapter 4 page 6
    January 22|Apocalipsis chapter 4 page 5
    January 19|Apocalipsis Chapter 4 page 4
    January 15|Apocalipsis Chapter 4 page 3
    January 12|Apocalipsis chapter 4 page 2
    January 8|Apocalipsis Chapter 4 page 1
    January 5|happy new year part two the next morning
    January 1|Happy New Year!!!


    December 25|Happy Holidays
    December 22|filler happy holidays
    December 18|Chapter 4 cover
    December 15|extras one
    December 11|End of part 3
    December 7|tv show
    December 4|interlude
    December 1|Gordo bat defeated
    November 27|Run Away 6
    November 24|run away 5
    November 20|run away 4
    November 17|run away 3
    November 13|run away 2
    November 10|special technique
    November 6|food
    November 3|tales of the Dark conclusion
    October 30|tales from the oscurito part 4
    October 27|tales from the oscurito part 3
    October 23|Tales from the Dark part two
    October 20|Tales from the Dark
    October 16|Feed 1
    October 13|Rituals part 2
    October 9|Rituals part 1
    October 6|Apocalipse recap
    October 1|TALES OF THE GODS PART 2
    September 29|4th arc start
    September 25|Romance Comics part 3
    September 22|Romance comics part 2(filler)
    September 18|Interlude .- Romance comics 1
    September 15|Act 3 the revenge of Paco
    September 11|End of Part 3
    September 8|Death battle 2
    September 4|Death battle
    September 1|Pilli not alone 4
    August 28|Pilli Not alone 3
    August 25|Pilli not alone 2
    August 21|Pilli not alone
    August 18|Pilli alone part 2
    August 14|Pilli alone
    August 11|In the lair .- part 4, where is she?
    August 7|The Lair part 2.- ALone
    August 4|In the lair 1
    July 31|Separated!
    July 28|the Door part 2
    July 24|the door part 2
    July 21|the door part 1
    July 17|the door
    July 14|hideout part 4
    July 10|hideout part 3
    July 7|hideout part 3
    July 3|Hideout part 2
    June 30|Hideout part 1
    June 26|Deities 3
    June 23|Deities
    June 19|Deities One
    June 16|Part 2 extras….
    June 12|Everything will change,
    June 9|GAME OVER MAN
    June 5|Tlaloc and the gang
    June 2|Vs Tlaloc 1
    May 29|Vs God 8
    May 26|vs God 7
    May 22|vs God 6
    May 19|vs God 5
    May 15|vs God 4
    May 12|Vs God 3
    May 8|VS GOD 1
    May 4|vs monsters 4
    May 1|Vs monster 3
    April 28|vs monsters 2
    April 24|In the battleground1
    April 21|to the battle
    April 17|Not a normal day.
    April 14|A normal day
    April 10|Motel final part
    April 7|Motel 10
    April 3|Motel 9
    March 31|Motel 8
    March 27|Motel 7
    March 24|Motel 6
    March 20|Motel 5
    March 17|Motel 5
    March 13|Motel 4
    March 10|Motel 3.-
    March 6|Motel 2
    March 3|Motel 1
    February 28|booze 3
    February 25|Booze 2
    February 20|Booze 1
    February 18|Gods 3
    February 14|Gods 2
    February 11|Gods 1
    February 7|Bad guys 4
    February 4|bad guys 3
    January 31|More Guys part 2
    January 28|more Guys
    January 24|Brand new year 8
    January 21|Brand new year 7
    January 17|Brand new year 6
    January 14|Brand new year part 4
    January 10|Brand new year 3
    January 7|Brand new year 2
    January 3|Brand new year!


    December 31|Happy new Year
    December 27|game
    December 24|the X-mas branch
    December 20|Soccer 18
    December 17|soccer 17
    December 13|Soccer 16
    December 10|Soccer 15
    December 6|Soccer 14
    December 3|Soccer 13
    November 29|Soccer 12
    November 26|Soccer 11
    November 22|soccer 10
    November 19|soccer 9
    November 14|Soccer 8
    November 12|soccer 7
    November 8|soccer 6
    November 3|Soccer 5
    October 29|soccer 4
    October 25|Soccer 3
    October 22|Soccer 2
    October 18|Soccer 1
    October 15|going back to normal
    October 11|afermath 4
    October 7|aftermath 3
    October 4|aftermath 2
    September 30|aftermath 1
    September 27|Real Monsters
    September 23|No one is left Behind again
    September 20|Must save everyone
    September 15|B-BOMB
    September 13|bye Mom
    September 9|Mona’s mom part 6
    September 6|Mona’s Mom part 5
    September 2|Mona’s Mom psrt 4
    August 30|Mona’s Mom part 3
    August 26|Mona’s Mom part 2
    August 23|Mona’s MOM part1
    August 19|the escape part 13
    August 16|filler strip.- weight
    August 12|the escape 12
    August 9|the Escape 11
    August 5|the escape part 9
    August 2|the escape part 8
    July 29|the escape part 7
    July 26|the escape part 5
    July 22|the Escape part 4
    July 19|the escape part 3
    July 15|last daY fILLER
    July 12|the escape part 2
    July 8|The Escape part 1
    July 5|meanwhile 3
    July 1|Meanwhile 2
    June 28|Meanwhile 1
    June 24|captured 15
    June 21|Captured 13
    June 17|Captured 12.- new powers
    June 14|Captured 11.- the Monster
    June 10|Captured 11
    June 7|captured 10
    June 3|Captured 8
    May 31|Captured 7
    May 27|Captured 6
    May 24|Captured 5
    May 20|Captured 4
    May 17|Captured 3
    May 13|Captured part 2
    May 10|captured?
    May 6|meet dad 2
    May 3|meet dad 1
    April 29|liza’s flashback part 2
    April 26|Liza’s flashback 1
    April 22|my Dad
    April 19|found!
    April 15|looking for Clues part 4
    April 8|looking for clues clues.
    April 5|smash!(filler strip)
    April 1|cursed Money
    March 29|cursed money part 9
    March 25|cursed part 8n
    March 22|Curse of Money part 7
    March 18|the curse of money part 6
    March 15|cursed money part 5
    March 11|Cursed Money part 4
    March 8|curse of money part 3
    March 4|the curse of Money part 2
    March 1|the curse of money cover
    February 25|cursed money part 1
    February 22|the curse of money
    February 18|filler.- Give me your soul
    February 15|filler.- Hero Time
    February 11|Ability share final part
    February 8|ability share 14
    February 4|Ability share 13
    February 1|ability share 12
    January 28|ability share 10
    January 25|ability share part 9
    January 21|ability share 8
    January 17|Ability share 7
    January 14|ability share 6
    January 11|ability share 5
    January 7|ability share part 4
    January 4|ability share 3


    December 31|happy new year the Aftermath
    December 28|happy New Year (filler)
    December 24|
    December 21|Ability Share
    December 17|Naco Cola lite
    December 14|Netflix
    December 10|parents part 2
    December 7|Parents
    December 3|end of the world last part 3
    November 30|the end of the world part 2
    November 26|the end of the world
    November 22|black friday
    November 20|Notice
    November 19|news
    November 12|politics!!!!
    November 9|meme time-filler strip
    November 5|the other part 23
    November 2|the other part 22
    October 29|the other part 21
    October 26|the other part 20
    October 22|the other part 19 GASP!!!!!!
    October 19|the other part 18
    October 15|the other part 17
    October 12|the Other 16
    October 8|the other 15
    October 5|the other part 14
    October 1|the other part 13.- what???
    September 28|the other part 12
    September 24|the other part 11
    September 21|the other part 10 .- where?
    September 17|the other part 9
    September 14|the other part 8.- the devil wears praga
    September 10|the other part 7.- gossip
    September 6|the other part 6 .- netflix and chill
    September 3|The Other part 5.-my greatest enemy
    August 31|the other part 4.- the othey guy
    August 27|the other part 3
    August 24|the other part 2
    August 22|the other part 1
    August 20|the other cover
    August 17|at-at
    August 13|reason
    August 10|at the movies
    August 5|little teenage mutant karate turtles
    August 2|present
    July 30|podcast
    July 27|youtuber
    July 23|tx8
    July 20|Rain saga over?
    July 16|rain 3
    July 12|going out
    July 9|super Rain
    July 6|vs the heat part 2
    July 2|the sun part 1
    June 29|lair 3
    June 25|lair 2
    June 22|at home
    June 18|game over
    June 15|for the win
    June 11|round two vs raigo
    June 8|she gave up- because reasons
    June 4|give up
    June 1|round 1 results
    May 28|unfair mechanics
    May 25|rage power
    May 21|violence!!!!
    May 18|freaking final round
    May 14|the final battle (in a videogame)
    May 11|reallly victory?
    May 7|give up
    May 4|fun?
    April 30|filler ghoul rider
    April 27|last night .- filler strip
    April 23|filler- help yourself
    April 20|leaving the losers Bracket.
    April 16|total victory
    April 13|scare
    April 9|filler-lazy
    April 6|vs wolfman
    April 2|the new challengers
    March 30|those guys
    March 26|filler strip-frienship power
    March 23|results
    March 19|I won?
    March 16|you win
    March 12|Round 1
    March 9|vs someone
    March 5|controls
    March 2|magic control
    February 26|filler strip.- fixing comics
    February 23|
    February 19|fine
    February 15|arcade feelings
    February 12|he’s evil
    February 9|vs Mona
    February 5|of course
    February 2|borracho victory
    January 29|drunk turn
    January 26|sign up
    January 22|those guys
    January 19|who?
    January 14|back to the game
    January 12|modern games (filler)
    January 8|dark souls (not the game)
    January 5|happy new year
    January 1|Happy New Year!


    December 29|lazy Santa
    December 26|important things
    December 23|saving x-mas part 3
    December 21|x-mas part 2
    December 18|X-mas special part 1 of 4
    December 14|the last cosplayer….(filler strip)
    December 11|technology (filler strip)
    December 7|Shameless promo !!!! Pilli Adventure Game!!!!
    December 4|join forces
    December 1|damn you EA
    November 27|a deal with the devil???
    November 24|misssing…
    November 20|saved?
    November 17|enter the tourney
    November 13|real recap
    November 10|previously on Pilli Adventure
    November 6|candy skulls
    November 2|after watching Coco
    October 30|katrina.- filler strip
    October 27|halloween-filler comic
    October 23|out of jail
    October 20|no no nooo
    October 16|Mona’s Halloween….(another filler strip)
    October 13|Card Games (filler strip)
    October 9|fight
    October 6|stupid training
    October 2|chicken run
    September 29|snes classic .- filler strip
    September 25|old champion
    September 22|Old champion v2
    September 18|that thing (filler)
    September 15|what????
    September 11|don’t be like them
    September 8|public shame
    September 4|game over
    September 1|conami code
    August 28|sonido boom
    August 25|not guile vs ryu
    August 21|not guile versus birdo
    August 18|Raigo versus Pilli
    August 14|filler.- hidden porn
    August 11|vs Raigo.- pilli action mode
    August 7|enter the beast
    August 4|I choose you
    July 31|vs arcade
    July 28|enter the pros
    July 24|meanwhile
    July 21|into the darkness aka the arcade!!!!
    July 17|enter the darkness
    July 13|last arcade part 2
    July 10|the last arcade
    July 7|choose your character again
    July 3|choose your character
    June 30|arcade sticks part 2
    June 26|arcade sticks
    June 23|team members
    June 19|lets make a team
    June 16|lets rest
    June 12|lets wey part 3
    June 9|fighting spirit part 2
    June 5|fighting spirit part 1
    June 2|deities two
    May 29|deities
    May 26|new baby
    May 22|dating app.- epilogue
    May 18|dating app part 3 of 3 (filler strip).- sidekick wanted
    May 15|dating app part 2 of 3 (filler strip)
    May 12|Filler.-DATING APPS part 1 of 3
    May 9|I´m back
    May 4|shameless promotion
    May 1|filler
    April 27|deities
    April 21|no man left behind
    April 17|vs social media part 19
    April 14|filller .- spring break 2017
    April 10|vs social media 18
    April 6|filler strip.-daylight saving time
    April 3|vs social media 17
    March 31|vs social media part 16
    March 27|Vs social media part 15
    March 24|Go go power rangers
    March 20|vs social media part 14
    March 17|vs social media part 13
    March 13|helping people conclusion
    March 10|helping people part 3.- my first kiss
    March 6|Old man Logan
    March 3|helping people part 2
    February 27|interlude …helping people part 1
    February 24|vs social media 11
    February 20|vs social media 10
    February 17|vs social media 9
    February 13|vs social media part 8
    February 10|vs social media part 7
    February 6|filler .- deleted
    February 3|filler.- help Mexico
    January 30|vs social media part 6
    January 26|vs social media part 5
    January 23|vs social media part 4
    January 19|vs social media part 4
    January 16|vs social media part 3
    January 13|vs social media part 2
    January 9|vs social media.- part one
    January 6|badly drawn comic.- crisis
    January 3|deities


    December 31|Bonus sketchy comic
    December 29|badly drawn comics part 2
    December 26|happy holidays
    December 23|cartoon 3
    December 21|cartoon part 2
    December 19|holiday special part 2
    December 15|x-mas special
    December 12|imagination part 2
    December 9|imagination
    December 7|lost strip
    December 5|no context theater.- purple lantern
    December 2|pokemon amie 2?
    November 28|Capitalism.
    November 23|black friday
    November 21|reason
    November 18|book lover 3
    November 16|book lover
    November 14|without wifi the real part 3
    November 11|without wifi part 3
    November 9|without wifi
    November 4|Poor thing.
    November 2|part time job part 4
    October 31|part time job part 3
    October 28|social justice man strikes again
    October 26|zombie parade
    October 21|part time job origin
    October 19|part time job
    October 17|halloween
    October 14|guest part 8
    October 12|guest part 7
    October 10|guest part 6
    October 7|guest part 5
    October 5|the guest part 4.5
    October 3|guest part four
    September 30|guest part 3.5
    September 28|the guest part 3
    September 26|guest part 2
    September 23|guest part 1
    September 21|coa´s origin
    September 19|bak to the 90’s cover
    September 16|gym part 4.- drooling
    September 14|gym part 3.- two minute training,
    September 12|gym part 2,.- argggg
    September 9|I’m sexy
    September 7|Real Monsters
    September 5|junk
    September 2|back to 90’s final part
    August 31|back to the 90’s part 12
    August 29|back to the 90’s .- back to normal
    August 26|back to the 90’s part 12
    August 24|back to the 90’s part 11
    August 22|back to the 90’s part 10.- unleashed!!!!!
    August 19|Back ti the 90’s part 9
    August 17|Back to the 90’s part 8
    August 15|back to the 90’s part I don’t know
    August 12|back to the 90’s part 7
    August 10|back to the 90’s part 6
    August 8|back the 90’s
    August 5|back to the 90’s part 4.- meanwhile
    August 3|Back to the 90’s part 3
    July 29|90´s invasion part 3
    July 27|back to the 90’s part 2
    July 25|back to the 90’s?
    July 22|crossover wars
    July 20|Heatwave
    July 18|real life
    July 15|without context part 2.-magical transformation
    July 13|without context.- transformation
    July 11|pokemon go day two
    July 8|pokemon go
    July 6|who is that guy part 2
    July 4|extra 1 that guy origin
    July 1|tabletopgames part 30 .-end of the battle
    June 29|tabletop games part 29
    June 27|tabletop part 27
    June 24|Tabletas part 27 
    June 22|tabletop part 26
    June 20|tabletop part 25
    June 17|tabletop 24
    June 15|tabletop part 22
    June 13|tabletop games part 21
    June 10|tabletop part 20
    June 8|tabletop games part 19
    June 6|tabletop battle 17
    June 3|tabletop games part 17
    June 1|tabletop game part 18
    May 30|tabletop part 17
    May 27|tabletop part 16
    May 25|tabletop games part 15
    May 23|tabletop game part 14
    May 20|tabletop game part 13
    May 18|tabletop games part 13
    May 16|tabletop games part 12
    May 13|tabletop games part 11
    May 10|mother’s day special
    May 9|tabletop game part 10
    May 6|tabletop game battle part 10
    May 4|tabletop battle part 8
    May 2|tabletop battle part 7
    April 29|tabletop battle part 8
    April 27|tabletop game part 7
    April 25|tabletop game battle part 6
    April 22|Tabletop adventure part 5
    April 20|Tabletop game adventure part 4 
    April 18|tabletop game battle part 3
    April 15|tabletop games part 2
    April 13|tabletop battle part 2
    April 11|tabletop battle part 1
    April 8|tabletop saga cover
    April 6|friendship is not magic
    April 4|card battle final
    April 1|card battle almost conclusion
    March 30|card battle almost final
    March 28|spring break two
    March 25|spring break 2016 special
    March 23|card battle part 4
    March 21|card battle part 3.- random encounter
    March 18|card battle!!!!!!
    March 16|card world part 1
    March 14|life stages
    March 11|future
    March 9|double trouble
    March 7|new look?
    March 4|tinder conclusion
    March 2|tinder part 10.- super lame date
    February 29|tinder part 9
    February 26|tinder part 8
    February 24|tindor pat 7
    February 22|tind@r part 5
    February 19|tindor part 4
    February 17|tindor part 3
    February 15|tindor part 2
    February 12|tindor part 1
    February 10|Money 
    February 8|Chikunguya strikes back
    February 5|Things
    February 3|old games part 6
    February 1|old games part 5
    January 29|old games part 4
    January 27|old games part 3
    January 25|old games part 2
    January 22|old games part 1
    January 20|the job.- end
    January 18|Present 
    January 15|for nothing
    January 13|All for nothing
    January 11|Risk everything 
    January 8|Shame on you 
    January 6|who I AM???
    January 4|Nothing out there
    January 1|bet


    December 30|foiled again
    December 28|sales
    December 25|merry xmas
    December 23|xmas filler
    December 21|interlude part 2.- spoilers!!!
    December 17|interlude… a school far far away…….
    December 16|super office drone
    December 14|Gossip
    December 11|Unlocked 
    December 9|godinez mode
    December 7|just like me
    December 4|office hours
    December 2|office problems
    November 30|bad dream
    November 27|a brand new hope
    November 25|ladies
    November 23|borracho again
    November 20|job part 5
    November 18|job part 4
    November 16|job part 3
    November 13|the job part 2
    November 11|the job part 1
    November 9|podcast adventures (filler)
    November 6|elevator the end
    November 4|elevator 5.5 and 6.0
    November 1|elevator part 5.5
    October 30|Elevator part 4
    October 28|elevator from hell part 3
    October 26|stuck in the elevator
    October 23|elevator part 2
    October 21|Pilli adv special.- halloween special
    October 19|devil academy epilogue
    October 15|devil academy again the end
    October 14|Not useless
    October 12|Defeated
    October 9|scissors win
    October 7|rock
    October 5|challenge
    October 2|ouch
    September 30|THE BULLY
    September 28|fake battle
    September 25|round 2 , fight!
    September 23|round one start!!!
    September 21|versus screen
    September 18|we must do it
    September 16|scary
    September 14|trolling
    September 11|friend vs friend
    September 9|social media attack
    September 7|devil students
    September 4|devil academy.- a brand new old foe
    September 2|death battle!!!
    August 31|devil academy again part 3
    August 28|Scary
    August 26|monster academy again part 1
    August 24|Nail Polish epilogue
    August 21|Nail Polish part 3
    August 19|nail polish part 2
    August 17|nail polish part 1
    August 14|tianguis battle the end?
    August 12|Almost over
    August 10|Conclusion
    August 7|Victory?
    August 5|Victory
    August 3|exe is for……
    July 31|Lose
    July 28|Stomp
    July 27|The egg
    July 24|hi tech body of yours!
    July 22|damn exe
    July 20|Vs naza bot
    July 17|Brave
    July 15|New form
    July 13|Vs nazabot 5
    July 10|Vs nazabot 4 
    July 8|Vs naza bot 3 
    July 6|Vs nazabot 2
    July 3|Tianguis-versus naza
    June 29|Real evil
    June 26|The winner is
    June 24|tianguis
    June 22|Giving food
    June 19|golden egg
    June 17|Tianguis the drama
    June 15|Tianguis battle waiting Room
    June 12|TiAguis battle
    June 10|Tianguis battle .- da rules!
    June 8|Tianguis the battle starts
    June 5|Tianguis battle
    June 3|Tianguis
    June 1|tianguis part I dont know
    May 29|Tianguis part (I forgot to count)
    May 27|Crazyman
    May 25|tianguis part 6
    May 22|tinguis.- uma objects
    May 20|tianguis.-another part
    May 18|Tianguis part I dont remember
    May 15|tianguis part 3
    May 13|tianguis part 1
    May 11|mutroid epilogue
    May 8|mutroid is back
    May 6|siren conclusion
    May 4|almost over
    May 1|the siren is back
    April 29|Pilli Remix Spring freak part 5
    April 27|pilli remix.- spring freak part 4
    April 24|pilli remix.- spring freak part 3
    April 22|Pilli Remix.- spring freak part 3
    April 20|remix track.- spring break part 2
    April 17|remix track.- spring break 1
    April 15|remix track.- the clone wars
    April 13|plot b trouble
    April 10|plot b.- battle
    April 8|plot b.- double punch
    April 5|plot b.- punch
    April 3|plot B outside the Law
    April 1|plot b.- see the law
    March 30|plot B .- real power
    March 27|plot b
    March 25|plot b.- weapons
    March 23|plot b
    March 20|plot b .- he is the law
    March 18|
    March 16|plot b.- oh my
    March 13|plot b.- be gentle
    March 11|ptob b.- siren armor
    March 9|plot b.- safe at last
    March 6|plot b
    March 4|b plot part whatever
    March 2|under the sea
    February 27|side plot part 4
    February 25|sideplot part 3
    February 23|side plot b part 3
    February 20|Side plot b part 2
    February 18|side plot b
    February 16|back the basics part 15
    February 13|back to basics part 13
    February 11|back to basics part 11
    February 9|back to basics part 10
    February 6|back to basics part 10
    February 4|back to the basics part 9
    February 2|back to the basics part 8
    January 30|baack to the basics part 7
    January 28|back to the basics part 6
    January 26|back to the basics part 7
    January 23|back to basics part 6
    January 21|back to basics part 5
    January 19|back to the bsics part 4
    January 16|back to the basics part 3
    January 14|back to the basics part 3
    January 12|back to the basics part 2
    January 9|back to the basics part 1
    January 7|PACO QUEST.- the curse of the presents
    January 5|the new adventures of old Pilli
    January 2|dawn of the dead part 2.- the return of the son of the fly


    December 31|the dawn of the dead
    December 29|happy new year part 1
    December 26|Holiday filler
    December 24|christmas special part two
    December 22|3 spirits
    December 19|heroes saga. the end
    December 17|business man
    December 15|Im going home
    December 12|delicious
    December 10|star food
    December 8|d list heroes
    December 5|feed him
    December 3|sugar free
    December 1|tower of babel
    November 28|over 9000 thousand
    November 26|full star power
    November 24|evil?
    November 21|cover attack
    November 19|Who is really evil
    November 17|evil beings
    November 14|reason
    November 12|blergg
    November 10|I think Im going to th…..
    November 7|Devil,s flash back
    November 5|super real monster
    November 3|ok
    October 31|is that you??
    October 29|copycat
    October 27|payback part 3
    October 24|payback part 2
    October 22|payback part 2
    October 20|payback part 1
    October 17|saving Mexico
    October 15|hate culture
    October 13|naco tv vs Maguey
    October 10|the super return of the monsters part 1
    October 8|future shock epilogue
    October 6|future shock 34
    October 3|future shock 33
    October 1|future shock 32
    September 29|future shock 31
    September 26|future shock 31
    September 24|the end of xiu???
    September 22|future shock 31
    September 19|future shock 30
    September 17|future shock 29
    September 15|futur schock 29.5
    September 12|future shock 29.00
    September 10|future shock 28
    September 8|future schock 27
    September 5|future shock 26
    September 3|future schock 25
    September 1|futute shock 25
    August 29|future shock 24
    August 27|future shock 24
    August 25|future shock 23.5
    August 22|future shock 23
    August 20|future shock 22.5
    August 18|future shock 22
    August 15|future shock 22.-la piramide de los nichos
    August 13|future schock 21.5
    August 11|future shock 20
    August 8|future schock part 19
    August 6|future schock part 18
    August 3|future schock recap
    August 1|Pilli Remix 18
    July 30|pilli remix 18
    July 28|pilli remix 17
    July 25|pilli remix 16
    July 24|remix 15
    July 23|remix 14
    July 21|Remix 13
    July 18|future schock 17
    July 16|future shock 16
    July 14|future shock 15
    July 11|future shock 14
    July 9|future shock 13
    July 7|future shock 12
    July 4|future shock 11.1
    July 2|future shock part 8
    June 30|future shock part 10
    June 26|Future shock part 9
    June 25|future shock part 8.-enter Jinx
    June 23|future schock part 7.- my friend
    June 20|future shock part 6
    June 18|future shock? part 5
    June 16|future shock? part 4
    June 13|future shock? part 3
    June 11|future shock? part 2.- a blessing????
    June 9|future shock? part 1
    June 6|world cup trading card game
    June 4|super heat
    June 1|not evil
    May 30|yuck
    May 28|special
    May 26|normal?
    May 23|Y men
    May 21|the big G raids again!!!
    May 18|pilli adventure remix .- the clone wars
    May 16|godzukii!!!
    May 14|magical lipstick
    May 12|bad hair day epilogue
    May 9|wtf!!!!
    May 7|totally unlikely heroes
    May 5|versus hair
    May 2|trouble
    April 30|stargirl returns
    April 28|Ogo Pogo strikes back
    April 25|Remix 12
    April 24|remix 11
    April 23|pilli remix 10
    April 21|Remix 13
    April 18|stupid old man
    April 16|back to normal
    April 14|explanation
    April 11|she is not useless (in her imagination)
    April 9|old body
    April 7|ok will is half the battle
    April 4|AHA
    April 2|what the …..
    March 30|slasher part I dont know
    March 28|dead again
    March 26|slasher…too late
    March 24|scoo– scruffy doo!
    March 21|slashing business
    March 19|slashing…
    March 17|slasher part 15
    March 14|slasher part 14
    March 12|slasher part 13
    March 10|help me!
    March 6|slasher part 12
    March 5|slasher part 11
    March 3|slasher part 10
    February 28|slasher part 9
    February 26|Slasher part 8
    February 24|slasher part 7
    February 21|slasher part 6.- enter the slasher….
    February 19|I hate you all
    February 17|slasher part 3.-haunted hacienda
    February 14|Pilli Remix 07
    February 12|Pilli remix 06
    February 10|slasher part 4.- haunted house of doom!
    February 7|slasher part 3baka
    February 5|slasher part 2.-in middle of nowhere
    February 3|slasher part 1
    January 31|remix 05 wac ronalds
    January 29|pilli remix 04 (filler day)
    January 27|super ecchi part 2
    January 24|perverted imagination
    January 22|super babies
    January 20|other options
    January 17|kids recipe
    January 15|bad idea
    January 13|remix 03
    January 10|nagual
    January 8|Explain
    January 6|future past
    January 3|water can arm
    January 1|ghost arm


    December 30|a blast from the past
    December 27|REMIX 02
    December 25|merry x-mas
    December 23|pseudo familu
    December 20|family??
    December 18|family?
    December 16|doki doki panic
    December 13|beaten
    December 11|he is here
    December 9|mad
    December 6|aftermath again
    December 4|saved?
    December 2|boom?
    November 29|evil
    November 27|fer origin part 1
    November 25|under my loin cloth
    November 22|muscle power
    November 20|eh???
    November 18|wounded
    November 15|festocomic info
    November 13|stab
    November 11|heartless
    November 8|lies…
    November 6|vs Fer the Nagual part 2
    November 4|Fer the nagual
    November 1|nagual mode
    October 29|reach doubled
    October 28|Reach
    October 25|versus fer
    October 23|got away
    October 20|retreat
    October 18|sorry
    October 16|master dumb plan
    October 14|insanity plan
    October 11|mighty chest
    October 9|unlimited reach
    October 7|no words
    October 4|working together
    October 2|strongest under heaven
    September 30|defeated in one panel!!!
    September 27|ignored
    September 25|third strike
    September 23|team up?
    September 20|kids
    September 18|the door
    September 16|hole
    September 13|NOOO!!!!
    September 11|creepy roots
    September 9|roots!
    September 6|ha ha
    September 4|monsters
    September 2|yes its them!!
    August 30|snakes
    August 28|hell hole
    August 26|FALL!
    August 23|Badguy
    August 21|doing nothing…?
    August 19|indiegogo !!!!
    August 16|last level?
    August 14|All enemies defeated?
    August 12|True horror
    August 9|real friends
    August 7|trolled
    August 5|vs Pollita.
    August 2|quick follow her…..
    July 31|full nagual mode
    July 29|unfollow
    July 26|alcohol in your veins
    July 24|kyaaaa
    July 22|kyyaa
    July 19|fleas!!!!
    July 17|stay quiet
    July 15|the origin of Pollita
    July 12|INTERNET?????
    July 10|spirit bomb
    July 8|re-tweet
    July 5|versus Pollita
    July 3|Pollita is here
    July 1|oil based carbon fiber lipstick
    June 28|cut again and again
    June 26|hurt
    June 24|help
    June 21|saved
    June 19|vs salamandra
    June 17|traitor
    June 14|useless
    June 12|versus naguales
    June 10|vs tentacool
    June 7|new armor
    June 5|ouch my tentacle
    June 3|welcome
    May 31|friendly
    May 29|vs motor
    May 27|fanboy
    May 25|previously on pilli adventure
    May 24|Mona´s adventure cover
    May 22|Vs naguales part 1.-the end
    May 20|lets get her
    May 17|I will!
    May 15|vs ????
    May 13|we understand
    May 10|move on
    May 8|exciting battle
    May 6|that monster
    May 3|the dark room
    May 1|meanwhile at the nagual base….
    April 29|battle
    April 26|who is there?
    April 24|better prospect
    April 22|New adventures of old Pilli
    April 19|yes
    April 17|understanding each other
    April 15|nagual origin
    April 12|no fighting
    April 10|cacomixtle again.
    April 8|new foes?
    April 5|scary entry
    April 3|dragon ball battle
    April 1|yetos again.
    March 29|yetos again
    March 27|paying a visit
    March 25|many words
    March 22|info
    March 20|frijoles
    March 18|broken
    March 15|Field work
    March 13|saved?
    March 11|help part 2
    March 8|Help me
    March 6|Nagual F.a.q.
    March 4|lend me your …..
    February 28|new powers
    February 27|epilogue 2
    February 25|epilogue part one of two
    February 22|forgive
    February 20|defending the enemy
    February 18|sorry
    February 15|Mona unleashed.
    February 13|defending the innocent?
    February 11|vs Mona
    February 8|force
    February 6|not a monster
    February 4|vs Belmonte
    February 1|vs belmonte.- changing the field of battle
    January 30|enter Belmonte
    January 28|schoolvania
    January 25|mona strikes back part 2
    January 23|Mona strikes back part 1
    January 21|vs humans
    January 18|miis part 2
    January 16|Jinx creates a Mii (filler)
    January 14|epilogue
    January 11|pokemon x y
    January 9|conclusion
    January 7|new strenght
    January 4|revival
    January 2|kiss


    December 31|promise
    December 28|NO
    December 26|mission completed
    December 24|hidden
    December 19|the heat of the battle
    December 17|yuck
    December 14|bubble bubble
    December 12|kama hame spit?
    December 10|iguana bros
    December 7|wrong idea.
    December 5|two pillis
    December 3|at the limit.
    November 30|bait
    November 28|intervention part 3
    November 26|Intervention part 2
    November 23|Intervention part 1
    November 21|Thank you
    November 20|filler strip.- cosplayers
    November 19|festocomic 2
    November 16|festocomic
    November 14|star girl a kit koma conclusion
    November 12|stargirl alotkoma part 16
    November 9|star girl alot koma part 15
    November 7|star girl alot koma part 14
    November 5|star girl alot koma part 13
    November 2|stargirl alotkoma part 12
    October 31|stargirl alotkoma part 11
    October 29|stargirl alotkoma part 10
    October 26|stargirl alotkoma part 9
    October 24|stargirl alot koma part 8
    October 22|stargirl 6koma part 7.- looking for someone
    October 19|stargirl 3tKoma part six
    October 17|stargirl AlotKoma part five
    October 15|stargirl 3Koma part four
    October 12|star 6koma part three
    October 10|star 6koma part one
    October 8|star 3koma part one
    October 5|back to the school the end
    October 3|back to the school.- a very special thanks
    October 1|the pot calls the kettle
    September 28|explain
    September 26|Human??
    September 24|I-mon5
    September 21|data scan
    September 19|Creepy hand
    September 17|trust
    September 14|Monster vs Monster ?
    September 12|a shocking reveal
    September 10|request denied!
    September 7|good arms
    September 5|back to the school.- scary stuff
    September 3|Cacomixtle attack!
    August 31|framed
    August 29|back to the school.- armed and dangerous!!!
    August 27|game of hands
    August 24|it doesnt matter
    August 22|back to the skool.- ouch!
    August 20|bullies
    August 17|worried
    August 15|newbie
    August 13|school again…..
    August 10|avengers vs x-men aftermath
    August 8|important stuff
    August 6|whelp whelp us!
    August 3|cliche
    August 1|a new foe?
    July 30|back to school part 2.- yesterday
    July 27|Back to the school part 1
    July 25|vs humans 2.00
    July 23|supplement part 2.2 conclusion
    July 20|supplement #2.1
    July 18|fan art
    July 16|another living game
    July 13|delicious
    July 11|football heroes
    July 9|xiu 4koma?
    July 6|interlude (filler)
    July 4|the living game part 22…..conclusion??
    July 2|the living game 21
    June 29|the living game part 20
    June 27|the living game part 19
    June 25|the living game part 18
    June 21|the living game part 16
    June 20|the living game part 15.- and Michelangelo is a party dude
    June 18|living game 14.- heavy metal
    June 15|the living game part 13.- and donatello does machines
    June 13|the living game part 12.- a devil in the bottle
    June 11|the living game part 11
    June 8|the living game part 10
    June 6|the living game part 9
    June 4|the living game part 8
    June 1|the living game part 7
    May 30|the living game part 6
    May 28|the living game part 5
    May 25|the living game part 4
    May 23|the living game part 3
    May 21|the living game part 2
    May 18|the living game part 1
    May 16|ROBO Pilli Adventure
    May 14|the Revangers.- Conclusion
    May 11|the Revangers part 4.- alien invasion
    May 9|the Revangers part 3.- the Incredible Bulk
    May 7|The Revangers part 2
    May 4|Paco agent of shield
    May 2|vs Humans
    April 30|Where are they? final part
    April 27|where are they? part 19
    April 25|Where are they part 18
    April 23|Where are they part 17
    April 20|where are they part 16
    April 18|where are they part 15
    April 16|where are they part 14
    April 13|where are they ? part 13.- Jinx´s room.
    April 11|where are they ? part 12.- Mona´s room.
    April 9|Where are they part 11
    April 6|where are they part 10
    April 4|Where are they part 9
    April 2|where are they 8
    March 30|Where are they part 7
    March 28|Where are they part 6
    March 26|Where are they part 5
    March 23|where are they part 5
    March 21|Where are they part 4.-
    March 19|where are they? part 3
    March 16|where are they? part 2
    March 14|Where are they? Part 1.- Franelero Bat
    March 12|Book cover
    March 9|vs the freaking four part 2
    March 7|Vs the freaking four part 1
    March 5|Zombie world aftermath
    March 2|deleted scene 2
    February 29|Extra scene 1
    February 28|Filling the pokedex
    February 27|Zombie world DVD extras
    February 24|the living night of the dorks.
    February 22|Medical problem
    February 20|zombie master?
    February 17|sacrifice again??
    February 15|inspired…..
    February 13|Survival
    February 10|vs the living corpses
    February 8|protect
    February 6|Adult responsability
    February 3|Our last moment together.
    February 1|monster walkers
    January 30|Saving Andy the toy gun store owner
    January 27|war survivors
    January 25|Zombie Mona
    January 23|Naco cola aftermath
    January 20|Naco cola 20
    January 18|Naco cola 19
    January 15|Naco cola 18
    January 13|Naco cola 17
    January 11|Naco cola 16
    January 9|Naco cola 15
    January 6|Naco Cola 14
    January 4|Naco cola part 13
    January 2|Dowsing.


    December 30|Naco cola part 12
    December 28|Naco Cola part 11
    December 26|Borracho Man part 10
    December 23|Naco Cola part 9
    December 21|Naco cola part 8
    December 19|Naco Cola part 7
    December 16|Naco cola part 6
    December 14|Naco cola part 5.- Green label power
    December 12|Naco cola part 4.- enter borracho man
    December 9|Naco Cola part 3
    December 7|Naco cola part 2
    December 5|Naco Cola part 1
    December 4|Cover
    December 2|knight ceremony
    November 30|Giant Paco Epilogue
    November 28|Giant Paco Finale
    November 25|dirty talk
    November 23|I´ll protect you
    November 21|LORO XICATPLT strikes back!
    November 18|Tidal punch part 2
    November 16|Tidal punch
    November 14|Gigante ride part 2
    November 11|Gigante ride
    November 9|Giant Paco Adventures part 2.
    November 7|Giant Paco Adventures part 1 (NSFW)
    November 4|LORO XICATPLT
    November 2|grow part 3
    October 31|plants vs weirdos part 2
    October 28|plants vs weirdos (filler)
    October 26|Narco arc over???
    October 24|vs Dad
    October 21|Vs Jinx, no…..Maria
    October 19|respect the flan
    October 17|vs Narco Tank part 2
    October 14|vs Narco Tank
    October 12|vs guns
    October 10|guns
    October 7|Bang
    October 5|worse than the devil
    October 3|Menace!
    September 30|Pilli vs Paco
    September 28|low ranking member
    September 25|Adicction.
    September 23|Useless to me.
    September 21|Naco Ransom
    September 19|we have your son
    September 17|Naco family
    September 15|Naco Cola Mistery
    September 13|Yes sale
    September 11|no sale
    September 8|Naco cola revenge
    September 6|vs yetos 2
    September 1|Yetas
    August 31|devil men
    August 29|stories
    August 26|friends
    August 24|naco cola part 3
    August 22|TORNADUS vs rotom
    August 18|Naco cola 2
    August 17|Jinx future battle part 1
    August 15|aftermath part 2
    August 12|aftermath#1
    August 10|the end
    August 8|semi finale
    August 3|mission
    August 1|xiu origin 2
    July 29|origins
    July 27|One week later
    July 15|revelations
    July 13|old man
    July 11|deny…
    July 8|break up
    July 6|No shame
    July 4|embarrased….
    July 1|Monster war aftermath 1
    June 29|Monsters
    June 28|the War is over
    June 24|dont ruin this
    June 22|Trust
    June 20|Selfish
    June 17|I wont let you hurt him
    June 15|According to animal planet
    June 13|Shake my hand
    June 10|Sacrifice
    June 8|Meanwhile….
    June 6|Awesome Punch!!!
    June 3|Lies
    June 1|only Human
    May 30|touch!
    May 27|Fist of the Paco`s Star
    May 25|Paco MK 2
    May 23|paco rises
    May 20|invididual battles
    May 16|see ya
    May 13|super fight
    May 11|reinforcements
    May 9|Pilli`s team
    May 6|She is back!
    May 4|who are you
    May 2|more slaps
    April 28|shut up!
    April 25|bye cha
    April 22|Beer holding hand
    April 20|vs the fodder
    April 18|vs Killer Bus(again)
    April 15|Myth army
    April 13|Mine!!!
    April 11|the Big Bad Wolf
    April 8|fearsome four
    April 5|Law of conservation of ninjutsu
    April 3|despite of being ugly
    March 30|meanwhile….
    March 28|Wait!!!
    March 25|blood
    March 23|Secret Secret
    March 21|Running away
    March 19|We`ll take care of them
    March 17|vs
    March 15|Battle Plan
    March 11|battle plan
    March 9|New body part 6
    March 7|Pokemon black and white
    March 4|holy water bomb
    March 2|new body part 4
    February 28|new body part 3.- later later
    February 24|new body part 3
    February 21|New body part 2
    February 18|Paco new body operation part 1
    February 14|Give the money
    February 11|Jinx part time jobs
    February 9|Mona´s Fear Factor
    February 7|Piñata Man the end
    February 4|Piñata man defeated
    February 2|Piñata Venus
    January 31|Final
    January 28|Fail
    January 26|its my turn
    January 24|Piñata trials
    January 22|trials
    January 21|Piñata health
    January 18|sexy no jutsu
    January 14|Lgendary Piñata Man
    January 11|Piñata mystery
    January 7|Piñata party
    January 4|Material hunt part 2.- piñata battle


    December 31|spare parts
    December 29|Home trouble
    December 24|SAVING X-MAS
    December 22|Star girls conclusion
    December 20|the power of the Mall
    December 17|Ghost Trick -Filler
    December 16|Star Girls defeated
    December 13|cat figth 2.- hotter than the sun
    December 10|starbattle2
    December 8|Star Battle
    December 6|they are not pits stops in space.
    December 3|the calm before the storm.
    December 1|boom again
    November 29|doomed
    November 26|vs ATON part 2
    November 24|vs ATON
    November 22|vs mummy caiman
    November 19|SAFE.
    November 17|ambush!!
    November 15|trouble
    November 12|Achooo!
    November 10|Star girls origin.
    November 8|Star Girl
    November 5|HM O1 AGAIN!
    November 3|HM 01 CUT!!!
    November 1|500 years old tree.
    October 29|Loitering monster teens
    October 27|Budget
    October 25|The Mall
    October 22|melodrama
    October 20|Crack
    October 18|lets go shooping part 3
    October 15|lets go shooping part 2.- Dont look
    October 13|Lets go shooping part 1.- Monster Wars
    October 11|Supplemental #2 power costume.
    October 8|Supplemental-Online Adventure.
    October 6|Data File#3 Dragon King
    October 4|devil academy the end of the class
    October 1|run!
    September 29|the answer
    September 27|Forbidden Love
    September 24|Lovely
    September 22|vs Vampire
    September 20|Monster school.- the real monster
    September 15|evil class
    September 13|trump card
    September 10|Favorite Pokemon
    September 8|Nature
    September 6|the world most evil animal
    September 3|monster school part 5.- demonkind
    September 1|Monster School part 4
    August 30|monster school part 3.- the Dragon King
    August 27|devil academy part 2
    August 25|Monster School part 1
    August 23|summer crossover event.- the ending credits
    August 20|Bug squash
    August 17|summer crossover mega blockbuster event.- the power of garbage!!
    August 16|summer crossover mega event .- bug squash
    August 13|summer crossover mega event .- fusion!!!
    August 11|summer crossover mega event.- super fusion
    August 9|summer crossover mega event,.- everyone dies
    August 6|summer crossover mega event .- enter the brains
    August 4|summer crossover mega event
    August 2|summer crossover mega event.- the strongest team up
    July 30|summer crossover mega event .- team up!!
    July 28|super mega crossover summer event.- the attack of the 1000 feet alebrije
    July 27|mega summer crossover event.- Alebrije cien pies
    July 21|summer crossover super clap!!!!!
    July 19|summer crossover blockbuster event part 10
    July 16|summer crossover blockbuster event.- Vs SuperDan
    July 14|Summer crossover blockbuster event part 8
    July 12|summer blockbuster crossover event part 7
    July 9|summer blockbuster event part 6
    July 7|summer crossover blockbuster event part 5
    July 5|summer blockbuster event crossover part 4
    July 1|super mega crossover ´summer event part 2
    June 30|super mega flashy summer event part 2
    June 28|Summer blockbuster event!!! part 1
    June 25|Mexico saves the day
    June 23|Data Files #2 Mona Gioconda
    June 21|Side arc.- the end.
    June 18|side arc part 8
    June 16|Side arc´part 8
    June 14|side arc part 6
    June 11|side arc part 5
    June 9|side arc part 4
    June 8|side arc part 3
    June 4|side arc part 2
    June 2|side arc part 1
    June 1|cover
    May 31|Paco is back the end
    May 28|Paco is back?? part 11
    May 26|paco is back?? part 10 Paco vs Paco!
    May 24|Paco is back part 9
    May 21|Paco is back??? part 8 of 10
    May 19|paco is back??? part 7 of 10
    May 17|Paco is back part 6 of 10 Ambushed!!!!!
    May 14|Pokemon brand new adventure!!!
    May 12|Paco is back??? part 5 of 10
    May 10|Paco is back???
    May 7|Paco is back??? part 4 of 10
    May 5|Paco is back part 2
    May 3|Paco is back??? part 1 of 10
    April 30|Data files Woodmen. (sorry another filler)
    April 28|teenage ninja sand turtle (filler)
    April 26|worst job ever conclusion
    April 23|worst job ever part 31
    April 21|Worst job ever part 30
    April 19|worst job ever part 29
    April 16|worst job ever part 28.- recoil
    April 14|worst job ever part 27.- disable!
    April 12|worst job ever part 26
    April 9|worst job ever part 25
    April 7|worst job ever part 22.- left hand of victory
    April 5|worst job ever part 21
    April 2|worst job ever part 22.- recruits
    March 31|worst job ever part 21
    March 29|worst job ever part 20 .- Guns!!!
    March 26|worst job ever part 19.- naza punch
    March 24|worst job ever part 18.- Pity the wood
    March 23|worst job ever part 17.- super weapons
    March 19|worst job ever part 15
    March 17|Worst job ever part 15 .- Naza vs woodmen
    March 15|Pokemon soul silver (filler)
    March 12|worst job ever part 13
    March 10|Wost job ever part 13.- Super return of the Naza!
    March 8|worst job ever part 12.- Evil twist
    March 5|Worst job ever part 11
    March 3|worst job ever part 9.- wood in the box
    March 1|worst job ever´part 9 .- Paco in the box
    February 26|worst job ever part 8.- hiding under the table
    February 24|worst job ever part 7
    February 22|worst job ever part 6.- the cake its not a lie.
    February 19|worst job ever part 5.- heavy weigth championship
    February 17|worst job ever part 4
    February 15|valentine day 2010 edition
    February 12|Worst job ever part 3.- future Pilli
    February 10|Worst Job ever! part 2
    February 8|Wost Job ever part 1
    February 5|Best job ever part 8
    February 3|best job ever part 8
    February 1|Best job ever 7
    January 29|best job ever part 6
    January 27|best job ever part 5
    January 25|best job ever part 4
    January 22|best job ever part 3
    January 20|best job ever part 2
    January 18|Best job ever ! part 1
    January 15|pilli adv 2010 teaser special .- character poll
    January 13|2010 pilli adventure teaser part 1
    January 11|Slumber party of doom part 2.- NSFW
    January 8|Slumber Party of Doom
    January 6|Reward
    January 4|still alive
    January 1|saving the day


    December 30|Nah!!!!
    December 28|hair flashback
    December 25|Saving X-mas?
    December 23|alive
    December 21|Chimera Man
    December 18|pseudo origin part 2
    December 16|pseudo origin
    December 14|Behold Im………
    December 11|NSFW.- Zelda the friendly ghost (filler)
    December 9|Duty
    December 7|Betrayed
    December 4|Real love???
    December 2|quimera
    December 1|technical Problems
    November 27|Cornered
    November 25|Evil Alliance.
    November 23|Crash again
    November 20|Its that your best?
    November 18|Friendship Insanity
    November 16|Evil reasons
    November 13|T of for Target
    November 11|the magical girl
    November 9|clean up operation adventure
    November 6|missing items
    November 4|Filler dia de muertos
    November 2|stolen treasures
    October 30|Hidden treasure
    October 28|Luna video cast
    October 26|???
    October 23|Flushed away
    October 21|A totally anti-climated ending.
    October 19|super heavy text origin
    October 16|pink flashlight lantern corps
    October 14|Foiled again
    October 12|the darkest day
    October 9|Meanwhile at the bad guys lair
    October 7|Popularity rocks
    October 5|Photo problems
    October 2|Vanity
    September 30|Monster Teen
    September 28|family love
    September 25|A new life
    September 23|Vs politician
    September 21|Secret Plan
    September 18|like a lady
    September 16|Feliz 16 de septiembre (holiday filler)
    September 14|vs thugs
    September 11|before the battle
    September 9|sacrifice
    September 7|guillotine attack
    September 4|street fu!
    September 2|flashy Intro
    August 31|saved by the bell
    August 26|teen mob
    August 24|a new foe
    August 21|Home sweet home
    August 19|the family gathers
    August 17|The graveyard battle.
    August 14|Paco Keep the secret!!!
    August 12|Vampire lovers (fillers)
    August 10|Excuses
    August 7|Graveyard visit
    August 5|Presents
    August 3|Pills strikes back!
    July 31|Travel sketch final.- comic jobs
    July 29|comicon travel sketch
    July 27|Lupe Adventure
    July 24|COA-4 FINAL
    July 22|coa 4 part 2
    July 20|Coa 4 (part 1 of 3)
    July 17|Mona Adventure part 3 of 3
    July 15|Mona Adventure part 2 of 3
    July 13|Mona Adventure part 1 of 3
    July 10|Cosplay con over
    July 8|Web mex revange
    July 6|super comic crisis
    July 3|super porno woman
    July 1|enters Aullido Man
    June 29|cosplay
    June 26|piracy
    June 24|a world without comics
    June 22|cosplay con part 1
    June 19|Bad guys destiny
    June 17|Bus defeated
    June 15|vs bus phobias
    June 12|smoke fight
    June 10|power up!!!!
    June 8|fear defeated?
    June 5|you tube stars
    June 3|Paco vs Bus.
    June 1|Monster Bus
    May 29|Monster Bus
    May 27|Real Weakness
    May 25|Bus-Phobia
    May 22|secret weakness
    May 20|swinub flu
    May 18|re-flashback epilogue part 2 of 2
    May 15|re-flashback journal epilogue 1 of 2
    May 13|re flashback conclusion
    May 11|re flashback part 14
    May 8|re-flashback 13
    May 6|re-flashback 12
    May 4|re-flashback part 11
    May 1|re-flashback part 9
    April 29|re-flashback part 8
    April 27|re-floashback part 8
    April 24|re-flashback part 6
    April 22|re-flashback part 6
    April 20|re flashback part 5
    April 17|re flashback part 4
    April 15|re-flashback part 3
    April 13|re-flashback part 3
    April 10|Pilli theather-animation day
    April 8|re-Flashback
    April 6|flashback
    April 3|double shame
    April 1|worthless schemes
    March 30|SHAME
    March 27|Wild pokemon (filler FAN strip)
    March 25|Reason
    March 23|End of the battle
    March 20|volley ball
    March 18|evolution
    March 16|indirect combat
    March 13|celebration
    March 11|reality
    March 6|coa returns
    March 4|chaneques defeated again
    March 2|commercial break
    February 27|alebrijes return
    February 25|malos
    February 23|Problem child
    February 20|Got Milk?
    February 18|family problems
    February 16|adult life
    February 13|close up
    February 11|dont give up
    February 9|contra el chamuco
    February 6|Vs the Chaneque
    February 4|Chamuco
    February 2|a TRAP!
    January 30|a normal day
    January 28|Amusement
    January 26|Maya Park
    January 23|Toilet talk
    January 21|Gordas y Picadas
    January 19|killer adventure
    January 16|Breaking the ice
    January 14|The only thing left to do (chrono trigger)
    January 12|fun work part 2 of 2
    January 9|fun work
    January 7|paco and gretel
    January 5|Many deaths of Pilli
    January 2|new eve party part 3


    December 31|New year party part 2
    December 29|New year party part 1
    December 26|Paco´s Present
    December 24|X-mas
    December 22|Paco X-mas
    December 19|a Very Mona X-mas
    December 17|secret invasion.- Epilogue
    December 15|invasion secreta is over
    December 12|Invasion secretona
    December 11|Invasion secreta.- the end of the battle
    December 9|Invasion secreta part
    December 5|Invasion secreta 8.-
    December 3|Invasion secreta Part 7.- morning breath!
    December 1|Invasion secreta 6.- Paco versus Juan.
    November 28|Invasion Secreta part 5 .- Beer battle
    November 25|invasion secreta part 5 swingers
    November 22|invasion secreta part 4.- Pilli´s clone
    November 19|Invasion secreta part 3
    November 17|Invasion secreta part 3
    November 14|Invasion Secreta part 2
    November 12|Invasion Secreta Part 1
    November 10|Very old webcomics
    November 7|double pleasure Nsfw
    November 5|gamer dad again(filler)
    November 3|new technique
    October 31|Monster expenses
    October 30|Racist
    October 28|filler.- Mona battle
    October 24|epilogo
    October 22|alternate ending
    October 19|final feliz
    October 15|gringos downfall
    October 12|new power
    October 9|borracho y Loco
    October 6|school project
    October 3|smart plan
    October 2|winners?
    September 30|just one drop
    September 26|beer competition
    September 24|Megaman upgrade
    September 22|buuu!
    September 20|Stupid challenge.
    September 17|payback
    September 15|electro-rebirth!
    September 11|Reality bytes
    September 10|we are all dead.
    September 8|Defeated
    September 5|Promise
    September 3|yuck
    September 1|My first kiss
    August 27|too much info
    August 25|Old geezer
    August 22|Not invited
    August 20|Frat boys, frat boys
    August 18|zero love exp.
    August 15|luxury resort from hell
    August 13|toxic beach
    August 11|repairs
    August 8|Sissy Rain
    August 7|filler artist rant
    August 6|La condesa de Malibran Epilogue
    August 4|La condesa de Malibran part 9
    August 1|La condesa de Malibran part 8 lovers
    July 29|La condesa de Malibran
    July 16|La condesa de Malibran
    July 15|La condesa de Malibran
    July 14|La condesa de Malibran
    July 13|La condesa de Malibran
    July 12|La condesa de Malibran
    July 11|La condesa de Malibran
    July 10|La condesa de Malibran
    July 9|La condesa de Malibran
    July 8|La condesa de Malibran
    July 7|old lovers
    July 6|old lovers
    July 5|old lovers
    July 4|filler
    July 3|filler
    July 2|filler
    June 30|filler
    June 29|filler
    June 28|filler
    June 27|puppet show
    June 26|puppet show
    June 25|puppet show
    June 24|puppet show
    June 23|puppet show
    June 22|puppet show
    June 21|puppet show
    June 20|puppet show
    June 19|puppet show
    June 18|puppet show
    June 18|puppet show
    June 17|puppet show
    June 16|puppet show
    June 15|puppet show
    June 14|puppet show
    June 13|puppet show
    June 12|puppet show
    June 11|puppet show
    June 10|puppet show
    June 9|puppet show
    June 8|puppet show
    June 7|puppet show
    June 6|puppet show
    June 5|a
    June 4|a
    June 3|y
    May 30|naco show
    May 29|naco show
    May 28|naco show
    May 27|naco show
    May 26|naco show
    May 25|naco show
    May 24|naco show
    May 23|naco show
    May 22|naco show
    May 21|writer strike
    May 19|filler
    April 30|luna love day
    April 29|filler
    April 28|filler
    April 27|gamer dad
    April 26|link
    April 24|cereal princess
    April 23|cereal princess
    April 23|cereal princess
    April 22|cereal princess
    April 21|cereal princess
    April 20|cereal princess
    April 19|cereal princess
    April 18|cereal princess
    April 17|cereal princess
    April 17|cereal princess
    April 16|cereal princess
    April 15|cereal princess
    April 14|cereal princess
    April 14|cereal princess
    April 13|cereal princess
    April 12|cereal princess
    April 11|cereal princess
    April 10|cereal princess
    April 9|cereal princess
    April 8|cereal princess
    April 7|cereal princess
    April 5|cereal princess
    April 4|cereal princess
    April 3|cereal princess
    April 2|cereal princess
    April 1|ceral princess
    March 28|birth day 2
    March 26|birthday 1
    March 25|Luna sexy scam operation
    March 24|Luna sexy scam operation
    March 23|Luna sexy scam operation
    March 22|Luna sexy scam operation
    March 21|Luna sexy scam operation
    March 20|dragon quest monster joker breeding
    March 19|mona adventure
    March 18|mona adventure
    March 17|mona adventure
    March 16|mona adventure
    March 15|mona adventure
    March 14|mona adventure
    March 13|mona adventure
    March 12|mona adventure
    March 11|mona adventure
    March 10|mona adventure
    February 24|RUN AWAY
    February 23|RUN AWAY
    February 22|RUN AWAY
    February 21|RUN AWAY
    February 20|RUN AWAY
    February 19|RUN AWAY
    February 18|RUN AWAY
    February 17|RUN AWAY
    February 16|RUN AWAY
    February 15|RUN AWAY
    February 14|RUN AWAY
    February 13|FILLER
    February 10|FILLER
    February 9|LEGENDARY
    February 6|SCOTT MC HARRY
    February 5|filler
    January 26|THE SECRET
    January 25|THE SECRET
    January 24|THE SECRET
    January 23|THE SECRET
    January 21|THE SECRET
    January 19|THE SECRET
    January 18|THE SECRET
    January 17|THE SECRET
    January 16|THE SECRET
    January 15|I-POD STAFF
    January 14|wow2
    January 13|WoW
    January 12|filler
    January 11|filler


    December 29|kid stuff
    December 28|kid stuff
    December 27|kid stuff
    December 26|kid stuff
    December 25|kid stuff
    December 24|kid stuff
    December 23|kid stuff
    December 22|kid stuff
    December 20|kid stuff
    December 19|kid stuff
    December 18|kid stuff
    December 17|kid stuff
    December 16|kid stuff
    December 15|kid stuff
    December 14|kid stuff
    December 13|kid stuff
    December 12|BEACH
    December 11|kid stuff
    December 9|kid stuff
    December 8|kid stuff
    December 7|SAND
    December 4|FILLER
    December 3|BEACH 2
    December 2|BEACH
    November 25|Tourney 1
    November 24|Tourney 4
    November 23|Tourney 3
    November 22|Tourney 2
    November 21|Tourney 1
    November 20|god of what
    November 18|death of Paco
    November 17|La mas bella
    November 16|La mas bella
    November 15|La mas bella
    November 14|La mas bella
    November 13|La mas bella
    November 12|La mas bella
    November 11|La mas bella
    November 10|La mas bella
    November 9|La mas bella
    November 8|La mas bella
    November 7|La mas bella
    November 6|dia de muertos 2
    November 6|La mas bella
    November 5|dia de muertos 1
    November 5|La mas bella
    November 5|La mas bella
    October 26|Apocalipto
    October 24|bad guys
    October 23|make over 2
    October 22|make over
    October 21|donation
    October 19|chupa-dos
    October 18|chupa-c@br…
    October 17|mexican comics
    October 15|hell cards
    October 14|2007 teaser
    October 13|rain
    October 12|oh mom!
    October 11|GALLETAS
    October 10|x-MAS DIE!
    September 28|torpedo boobs
    September 27|funeral party
    September 26|party
    September 25|wii won
    September 24|wii cospaly
    September 23|wii street combat
    September 22|wii bad guys
    September 21|wiicam
    September 19|wii competition
    September 18|wiiii love
    September 17|wii go wii
    September 16|Pilli beast out
    September 12|dia de muertos
    September 11|dia de muertos
    September 10|d m
    September 9|d m
    September 7|dia de muertos 3
    September 6|dia de muertos
    September 5|d de m
    September 4|dia de muertos
    September 3|Mona
    September 2|x-mas videos
    July 25|25
    July 24|24
    July 23|23
    July 22|22
    July 21|21
    July 20|20
    July 19|19
    July 18|18
    July 17|17
    July 16|16
    July 15|15
    July 14|14
    July 13|13
    July 12|12
    July 11|11
    July 10|10
    July 10|10
    July 9|9
    July 7|7
    July 6|6
    July 4|4
    July 3|3
    July 2|2
    July 1|1
    June 30|30
    June 29|29
    June 27|27
    June 26|26
    June 25|25
    June 24|24
    June 22|22
    June 21|21
    June 20|20
    June 19|19
    June 18|18
    June 18|18
    June 17|17
    June 16|16
    June 15|15
    June 14|14
    June 13|13
    June 12|12
    June 11|11
    June 10|10
    June 9|9
    June 8|8
    June 7|7
    June 6|6
    June 5|5
    June 4|4
    June 3|3
    June 2|2
    June 1|1
    May 29|entry COA
    May 28|28
    May 27|27
    May 26|26
    May 25|25
    May 24|24
    May 23|23
    May 22|22
    May 21|21
    May 20|20
    May 19|19
    May 17|17
    May 16|16
    May 15|15
    May 14|14
    May 13|13
    May 12|12
    May 11|11
    May 8|9
    May 7|7
    May 6|6
    May 4|4
    May 3|3
    May 2|1
    May 1|1-zero

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