Pilli`s team
May 9th, 2011

Pilli`s team

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Yes they are back.
People were asking why didnt ask the star girl for help, sorry but Pilli was two steps ahead and formed her own monster army, maybe you dont recognize those guys, but Pilli helped all these guys a while ago.


  1. ColdFusion

    hooray the cavalry has arrived!
    Btw it’s soap opera
    and last panel should be “it’s because we are not popular”

  2. Maju

    A Euro character like Mona should never be attributed a sentence like “it’s because we are not popular”… that’s a Gringo thing. Europeans are all “nerds” who do not understand stuff like “being popular”.

    But I’m all for the concept of soup opera because what else but a soup can you make with all those tears (btw, why the “soap” of “soap opera”?)

  3. tavo2

    in the spanish version will be “because we are nacos” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naco_(slang) learned that word from pilli and because of her opinion of herself is kinda low, but changed the english dialogue because except from mexicans no one will get it, the alternate dialogue was “because the author is lazy and doesnt like to draw a lot of people” but I dindt want her to break the 4th wall

  4. ColdFusion

    Hahaha, you changed it so now she only thinks SHE is unpopular. That’s so in-character <3
    I think 'loser' is a decent translation for 'naco' since it has a similar connotation about artificial things like class..

  5. jevier

    awwwww the mona´s face in the last panel it´s priceless

  6. Maju

    “Naco” is like in Spain they say “hortera”, I understand. Am I right?

    If so in English it’d resemble the concept of “rustic”, “redneck”, “hillbilly” but less so in the brutish side and more in the merely unsophisticated, tending to ridiculous, one: lacking taste, refinement, civilization… totally disdainful of fashion or taste, particularly in dressing but also in general behavior.

    Now, I’m no native English-speaking, so now that I have explained what “naco” means, can a native English-speaker provide a reliable translation? At least for curiosity.

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