world cup trading card game
June 6th, 2014

world cup trading card game

the first panel is real, I saw those two when I was doing exercise outside,
everyone is obsessed with the world cup, and everything I know about soccer is because I watched captain tsubasa when I was kid,
Anyway next monday a brand new storyarc


  1. AshFL

    Lil’ fix here: “Hello ladies. Want to meet Mexico’s latest football superstar?”
    P.S: I started reading the comic since issue 1, glad I read the whole thing, it was worth it. Keep it up! 😀

  2. tavo2

    thanks for the correction and for reading the comic,
    of course I will keep it up

  3. ColdFusion

    Ha, yeah.. screw sports.
    those girls are cute though.

  4. man in black

    great page

  5. EddyKitsune

    Yeeah, i hate this. I’m also from Mexico (i read the english version cuz’ the spanish one goes a few comic stips behind jajaja) and when i see the same guys that mocked me in highschool for “collecting and playing with cards” (Magic) going nuts for this i kinda want to beat the s@#@ out of somebody xD. I mean, even when im 25 now i still can accept this new trend of nerds wanabes. Anyways, great comic as always man 🙂

  6. EddyKitsune

    *can’t accept…

  7. ColdFusion

    The problem is that people like us were never cool. When we were kids we were made fun of, and now we’re behind the times for only liking the good stuff from the old days and not liking the newer nerd-things.

  8. Algeya

    The Magic tcg guys make Fun of yugioh players, yugioh players make Fun of pokemon players

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