Motel 1
March 3rd, 2020

Motel 1

I saw a movie that started like that….. it didn’t go well…….


  1. SpartanCommander

    For some reason I have a feeling paco’s going to have to do the hardest thing he’s ever done. Take her to Alcoholics anomomous. WHat ever’s wrong I thing that’s the only idea he would be able to come up with… he’s not really a thinker.

    Also with all the super dangerous and menacing monsters employed by the main bad guy it would be kind of funny if the most dangerous one could be someone who looks like a normal nonthreatening human. however all when things look like something attacks him next panel you just see the after manth and see a thorally beat up monster or even worse. Like you don’t know how he did it or how easy it was for him only that that wimpy looking shrimp keeps trouncing every monster he has.

    Also still love your comic. I wonder if Pilli will eventually realized she’s already altered history and the events might not even happen…or will she even achnolage that fact.

  2. tavo2

    Glad that you still like the comic, normal life is way harder than your random monster encounters, anyway kinda super nervous because the comic format changed

  3. ColdFusion

    NOW I’m a little worried about Pilli…

  4. SpartanCommander

    Still like it. the format’s different but I still like the story. I hope things start happening in ways she didn’t consider though. She never seems to think things really don’t go the way she thinks they do.

    Considering she had time travel…sort of. Well the problem with that every time you peek into the future it suddenly changes because you have future knowledge and it influances your actions. So it already influanced Pilli’s so something’s changed even though she doesn’t realize it. In fact that might not really be the end of the world anyway.

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