without wifi
November 9th, 2016

without wifi

I missed monday comic sorry, someone stole the power lines so I didn’t have electricity, I hate to speak about politics here …..But what the heck USA????? this is a  dream….. I mean nightmare right??????,


  1. giovanni

    clinton just HAD to stole the primary from Sanders, didn’t she?

  2. Juan

    Yeah, I’m up here in the US and thinking, maybe if I go back to bed and wake up again, it’ll be different.

  3. Others

    … I used to work for a guy named Jesus. He used to live in Mexico City before moving up to the states. He used to tell a story about how he stole a bunch of power lines once as a teenager. I was fairly impressed at his ingenuity, actually.

  4. maninblack

    Yup, know that feeling

  5. ColdFusion

    Not a nightmare, just a big joke by a bunch of attention-whores. Still, could have been worse.
    I’m sorry people are stealing your power lines. You can kinda see why a few people would legitimately be scared of allowing too many people from there over here, right?

  6. Bin

    Nope, and the nightmare has just begun.
    Trump has Chris Christie selecting staffers. The last batch of staffers Christie hired in New Jersey were recently convicted for knowingly shutting down bridges where his political rivals were.
    Rudy Guiliani is Secretary of Homeland Security. This was the guy who thought it would be classy to have people donate 9.11$ to his campaign. He also thought it was smart to put his counter-terror headquarters in the World Trade Center AFTER it had been bombed (this was before the 9-11 attacks)

    Depending on what kind of smart phone you have, you can have the smart phone act as a “hot spot” and transmit WiFi. I use my phone as a hotspot and do mild internet activity on my laptop. But I only get so much data for free after which I have to pay a large fee.

  7. Algeya

    Thanks for the tip, Ive an iphone se I can totally do that thanks a lot

  8. Crinos

    Yeah, on behalf of my country I’d like to apologize, the next four years are gonna suck for everyone.

  9. Highmax28

    How do you steal power lines?

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