Worst job ever part 15 .- Naza vs woodmen
March 17th, 2010

Worst job ever part 15 .- Naza vs woodmen

the strip is here, more comments later


  1. lawoma

    serves him right , that naza creep!!

  2. lawoma

    sry for double post but yay first post

  3. algeya

    I dont mind.

  4. Caduceus

    I’m american. Not sure if i should be offended at this.

  5. algeya

    Naza is a renegate offspring of the nasa
    who goes around the world stealing ancient technology .
    Sorry next american storyarc the americans are going to be the heroes.
    (to be fair there was one story arc about evil Europeans (monsters) and most of Pilli universe mexicans are idiots or plain evil

  6. algeya

    ps .- among the naza agents Astro (the gray guy ) he is the idiot

  7. Eryx Nuri

    I Guess its a lack of blood flow to the Brain, a Trickle to keep the lights on. I’m American and I think if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? The Japanese have poked fun at us in Manga and Anime for Years, trust me, what’s one more, eh? We can be Team Rocket, or in Astro’s case ‘Naza’ or was it “Azan” I get confused. 😛

  8. Eryx Nuri

    and before you ask I live in Michigan…I just have a Canadian friends, and two of my co-workers are former Canadian.

  9. Caduceus

    No, i get that now. I just found this strip, so I wasn’t sure what I’d find inside. It is funny, and I do believe that a majority of Americans are idiots.

  10. algeya

    Azan is a branch corporation of naza

  11. purohueso

    No-attacking superpower I would suggest…, maybe he is resistant to heavy radiation, or whatever else he might had found out there.

  12. ColdFusion

    Anyway he’s an alien, right? Not really American.. unless he crashed here as a baby and we raised him? XD hahaha.

  13. Saddust

    Are you speaking about evil Europeans ? Greetings from France (^v^)

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