super mega flashy summer event part 2
June 30th, 2010

super mega flashy summer event part 2

And next update there will be a special guest just for this arc I just level up the comic a few levels.
(I know that Luna became an adult last time we saw her belive me its not a plot hole)


  1. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure we’re all asking the same questions:

    How is Luna still a kid?
    Why is she destroying the taco stand?
    Why isn’t she cleaning Xiu’s lair anymore?
    When are we getting back to the main story?
    When will Algeya stop doing these side arcs?
    Who’s the butcher, he looks too evil to be a civilian?
    And what the hell was that butcher chopping up that his knife would be brown?
    For that matter, it doesn’t even look like he was chopping anything, it looks more like he just stabbed his cleaver into a big chocolate cake.

  2. algeya

    stay tuned to find out!!!
    but I can reveal this………
    about the Taco stand owner (butcher)
    he was cutting the meat, (black oil and dirt its on his knife )

  3. ColdFusion

    Yayyyy it’s Luna again!!! I love her…
    TBH I wouldn’t mind eating some cochino tacos if I knew the source was good.

  4. tsunade sama lv 14

    I love tacos!!!!

  5. jevier

    did you sometime ate dog’s meat???….. and how do yo know it???? sorry for the lacky english…. pero si, en serio que asi se ven los taqueros de oficio jejeje felicidades por el comic apenas acabe de leerlo completo en ingles…. falta algo en espaniol pero en fin

  6. ColdFusion

    oh wait, cochino is pig. I thought it was those beetles you can eat.

  7. jevier

    cochino is also dirty

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