super mega crossover ´summer event part 2
July 1st, 2010

super mega crossover ´summer event part 2

Guest starring Super Dan from bgh and bgh adv,
Sorry DC comics didnt let use super man (in a few years I´ll get my revange when supes goes to public domain)


  1. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I must call bullshit on this,

    Everyone knows that American super heroes have short blonde, black or brown hair. Not medium cut hair or even red hair for that matter. Christ man, we’re not Japan.

    But then again, nowadays, teenage youth does take an interest to the Japanese culture, and it does say he is a High-School American so I guess it’s excusable. But then again so was spider-man…

    And by “take interest in Japanese culture” I mean liking nutrient deprived skinny little emotional problems that have long spiky hair who are mad at the world cause they can’t have sex with their underage sister or something. Oh and wield swords the size of the a car.

    But don’t get me wrong, I use to like anime, I even cosplayed once and had a great time. But now that I’m older I look back on those days and think wow I was little prick and laugh at anyone over the age of 21 that still watches anime.

    It seemed I started ranting oh well. But anyway I do love your comic and I normally don’t care about little details like this because I understand it’s your drawing style and it’s pretty unique and fun-loving. But anyway if you’re wondering why I took the time to type all of this(2 minutes), it’s because I am an American, and that itself should be self-explanatory.

  2. algeya

    What about the irish???
    Anyway I understand your feelings I also grew up with 90´s comics and kinda Mexico tv has been invaded with the best anime since the 70´s.
    Just a note my favorite all time manga are Ranma 1/2 , kinnikuman and dragon ball, my current favorites are One piece and Bakuman (american comics I used to like Spiderman but I grew up with the clone saga )

    But Super Dan its not my character it belongs to Red Death from the comic Bad Guy High (an american guy with a comic that looks that came out from Paul Dini animated Universe.

  3. ColdFusion

    Pilli Adventure is a great place for guests! 😀

  4. Shyamalan

    Wow, someone sure has an… interesting opinion of Japanese culture. And all that coming from the hair colour of a one-shot character in a comic which is making no reference to Japanese culture. Way to generalize and blow things way out of proportion.

  5. reynard61

    “(…)in a few years I´ll get my revange when supes goes to public domain(…)”

    Or not. My guess is that Warner Bros. (the owners of DC) are going to go the Disney route and try their darndest to maintain a perpetual copyright on their properties. (Notice that I didn’t say “characters”.)

  6. algeya

    comic will be up later, having a trouble with my internet connection

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