Monster school.- the real monster
September 20th, 2010

Monster school.- the real monster

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the humans are scary.
Sorry for the lack of quality and missing friday comic but with the lack of electricity and the hurricana was kinda hard to do the comic, before you ask everything is fine now the electricity is back even I went to help people, unlike Katrina there wasnt any crime everyone was helping each other, entire families including the children were cleaning the streets, at times of crisis helps to bond people.


  1. Onab

    bullshit, there was some looting and some flooding, but the news agencies tell us there is none. But that’s normal for the human beings, unfortunatly.

  2. algeya

    let me live in my dream world

  3. ColdFusion

    If you’re going to commit crimes, at least do it quietly and out of view, so people don’t get a negative view from it 😀 that’s what I think.
    I think it’s great you helped people out 🙂
    Woo, Jinx!!! very triumphant..

  4. Dennis el Azul

    I am happy you survived the hurricane, and you made a great work helping everyone for sure.

  5. tavo2

    to be fair I only helped a couple of trapped eldery people because their houses were filled with water and the ambulance were not able to reach their homes to get them out, at work helped with the maps and reports of the affected zones to coordinate the help most of the field workers did a lot more than me and they deserve our respect

  6. ColdFusion

    Still, if everyone did what you did, it’d all be great for everyone.
    And don’t underestimate coordination!

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