500 years old tree.
November 1st, 2010

500 years old tree.

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The sad night is a real story, Cortez lost the battle and cried under a tree, anyway Pilli mirror site is down for the moment since drunk duck is moving servers soon it will go back to normal soon, maybe wed comic will be late since tuesday is DIA DE MUERTOS and I must visit my deceased family members


  1. David Herbert

    It’s always fun to hear about conquerors crying like little bitches.

  2. Rikushadow5

    I hereby use my knowledge of history to verify that this story is 100% true…except MAYBE that bit about Cortes crying like a little baby…maybe…

    Also, I am positive that Jinx’s armor gets skimpier every time she Up(or is it Down? Still don’t know)grades her armor.

  3. algeya

    the deluxe armor will be explained on wed comic, Cortez he really cried on that night according to the legend,

  4. Anonymous

    I’m betting money the new outfit is probably related to a new super power.

    A grammar error on the fourth panel where Jinx says, “Did the tree gave him super powers to defeat the Aztecs” it’s suppose to be give, not gave.

    Also, how was your Halloween? Do they celebrate Halloween in Mexico, I was hoping for a holiday comic.

  5. algeya

    Anonymous thanks for liking the comic and also the advice, Im pretty sure that is “gave” since it happened 500 years ago, but since Im not an english native speaker, Im checking the grammar now (my research material includes 2 books, google, word reference dot com, and some comicbooks)
    I dont celebrate Halloween, I dont see the point the previous story arc there was monster school, and last friday they were a couple of mummies

  6. Anonymous

    Good point, I guess it would be pointless to make a Halloween comic.

    Also, it’s give because the sentence is in present tense form and “gave” is a past tense form of the word give.

  7. algeya

    fixed. thanks a lot

  8. ColdFusion

    Lol Cortes.. you pretend to be a god, that’s what you get.

  9. Infectedwithboredom

    So…she IS going to steal?

  10. tavo2

    the tree is on a public zone and no one owns it, also she just need a little branch.

  11. Rikushadow5

    I’ll bet my Torterra that Cortes’ spirit gets involved in some fashion.

  12. Immortal

    (damn Drunkduck! Nice site, though!)

    ALSO! I promise to take good care of your Torterra when you are WRONG, mang~ ^_^

  13. Infectedwithboredom

    Well then, I’m betting money that the wood monsters come back to protect the tree.

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