Pokemon black and white
March 7th, 2011

Pokemon black and white

filler comic, I preordered pokemon black (the real choice for trainers) a long time ago but yesterday
my home city celebrated el carnaval and there was like a million people on the streets (really) and it took me a long time to get to the mall,
and got my game (thats why the comic was so late today) just finished the ground gymn
by the way my friend code is 0991-1044-2007
edit.- I got some e mails that my site has been banned for opera users anyway Im fixing that meanwhile you can visit the mirror site
new body arc will continue on the next update see ya


  1. Goldensaver

    Bah, I pre-ordered it ages ago, yet… I spent myself prematurely. I can’t afford it, and now have to wait till Friday before I can get it D:

  2. ColdFusion

    Yeah dude there was an AVG warning.. I dunno, it was prolly an ad.
    Anyway this is hilarious XD ffff I can’t believe they changed the region name.. they’ve never done that before..

  3. Ray

    Do you still play pokemon Platinum? If so what is your friend code? I have like no one added on there. 🙁

  4. Varkson

    Hahaha wow, we still have 2 days to go before we get Black/White down under.
    Also, the comic isn’t banned as such for opera users, its just been labeled as a malware site. Seem to only be the latest version.

  5. Roberto

    Dude. You should have told me about this party with anticipation. I would have gone 😉

  6. tavo2

    No I dont play platinum, pearl is my main game
    my old pearl code
    FC 2664-6984-7583
    Sorry if the comments didnt appear , I upgraded wordpress and now it seems that I must approve each comment I`ll fix it later

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