March 25th, 2011


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too much drama


  1. Dennis el Azul

    Impressive! Anyway, there is not option to find a donor?

  2. David Herbert

    Aww, so sad…

    What if they use a villain’s blood? Will it make him evil?

  3. Sploder


  4. ColdFusion

    AHHHH SHIT THAT’S WHY SHE’S GREEN. but it had a pretty delayed effect 😡
    it’s terrible that it won’t regenerate.. uguu..

  5. Ominous

    Seems like neither wants to be alive without the other.

  6. Infectedwithboredom

    In the last comic, I’ll be honest. I was like, “Eh…what..? Huh…”

    But now I’m like, “OMG THATS WHY SHE’S GREEN!” xD

    But damn, I was hoping that her skin would turn back to normal 🙁

  7. Ray

    :0!!! He has a point but… :'(

  8. Luini

    Wow! I was seriously wondering for a while why her color changed, I assumed it was artistic license. Haha.

    Otherwise, seriously, anemia isn’t always that serious. Just need to take daily iron pills, eat more iron rich foods, and pay attention to eating more potassium and B vitamins.
    She would/should have recovered in a couple months…

  9. Varkson

    OMG I wasn’t expecting that. That’s so sad.

  10. Rikushadow5

    Luini: Yeah, that would work in a few months.

    The actual condition isn’t Anemia (a lack of iron in the blood) so much as it’s just a LACK OF BLOOD. Pilli only has half the blood she’s supposed to in her body. By all rights, she should be DEAD. But, magic. What’re you gonna do.

  11. Rikushadow5

    Also, you seem to be ending the comic, Algeya.

  12. tavo2

    she only gave 2 lts of blood the human body has around 5,
    Kinda did my research with a doctor ,even with transplants they would fail,
    but the only remarkable simptoms are pale skin and lack of stamina,
    but doing something like that could kill her .
    About the end I reserve my comments

  13. Purohueso

    Her body should be able to regenerate the lost blood, doesn’t it, and probably quite fast…, I don’t get WTF happened here…, magic?, and wouldn’t that one just let she just stay alive, or not?…, where is a damn vampire when you need it, XD

  14. tavo2

    she cant replinish her lost blood read the penultimate panel, its something more magical just wait and it will expanded a little more,

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