Fist of the Paco`s Star
May 27th, 2011

Fist of the Paco`s Star

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Sorry Rikushadow no twilight effect on Paco Im from Buffy generation that ugly face is just his berseker mode for those who still want his phone number is the sameone as Pilli`s house so that could be a problem.


  1. Ray

    you;e read my mind… Why am I drooling over a cartoon? Damn you!

  2. Rikushadow5

    Eh, he doesn’t need a Twilight effect anyway (I’m from the Buffy generation, too). MANLY men don’t need sparkles. That’s for Prettyboys.

    Also, the nakedness is about to make this whole thing awkward.

    Also-also, Berserker Mode Paco II is a little overkill, no?

  3. SarahG

    Damn. I guess I’ll be on the lookout for when he appears with a cell phone then. *waits patiently*

  4. Rikushadow5

    Fridge Logic just kicked in, and I realized that the new Paco (and the old one, for that matter) kinda look like Xiu.

    Might be an art style thing. Might be something much more sinister. MIGHT BE that the drop of Xiu’s blood from a few comics back is gonna screw Paco out of his new Super Mode.

    …or I might just be running away with ideas. Could be that.

  5. ColdFusion

    ugly my ass, that’s how every man should look! vicious and toothy and ready to bite things. Women like being bitten 😀

  6. anon-mouse

    berserker paco reminds me of brolly from dragonball z

  7. Varkson

    PacoII totally looks like Akuma without his pony-tail in the third panel. Rikushadow5, I think you nailed it with the Xiu blood. If I remember correctly though, Xiu was a clone of Paco’s original self, perhaps explaining the similarity.

  8. tavo2

    kinda the name of the strip is the reference of Paco`s look
    Also Im big fan of Toriko.

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