June 22nd, 2011


in the original script Mona died, but Im a coward,
I couldnt update because I was no able to enter my site, I asked for support with my host and received this msg

I can access your site just fine. Seems your IP was blocked due to abuse. I’ll unblock it but if you do something stupid I’ll block it again!

I dont know anything about ip abuse, poor thing probably he gets mad with all those clients like me that dont have a clue about ips, hosting etc, maybe its time to change my hosting account since it will expire on july, and because Im posting this Im sure he will block my site


  1. Dennis el Azul

    Good luck looking for a new (and better) host for your site.

  2. Varkson

    Perhaps you have a virus or hacker. One virus played games with my facebook, and got them on to me once.
    Anyway, your host sounds like an asshole. I operate web hosting through my business and I could probably hook you up for cheap if you’re interested.

  3. ColdFusion

    I’m not exactly sure what the splat is, but this was a great comic

  4. Eddy

    Ask your host what went wrong.
    Cool to see Mona defend herself (on purpose or not). Otherwise it would be weird having another person come back as a doll.

  5. Maju

    I have no idea about IPs (but I imagine that the server know less even than I do because you don’t say that to a customer without further detail unless you are a total jerk or Google, what is about the same).

    But what I know is that “So that’s his fiancée” should read her (‘de ella’, no ‘de él’).

    Also I’m not sure if Mona means to “never forgive” (‘perdonar’) or to “never forget” (‘olvidar’). I believe, knowing Mona, that she means the latter but I may be wrong.


  6. Maju

    And (PS), I’m getting funny ideas on how was the “Mona dies” version. Did Aton get a snake hair (hydra?) new hand that says ‘I love you’ and drives the mummy guy to retirement out of desperation? XD

  7. tavo2

    sorry, in my dispear I didnt check the grammar I´ll fix it when I get home

  8. tavo2

    double post since Im back from the office(lunch hour)
    thanks Varkson, but Im ot going to change the hosting for one lame employee thats just strike one

  9. Varkson

    Cheers tavo2. Kick their asses :).

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