Naco family
September 17th, 2011

Naco family

The female is Jinx Mom.


  1. Tim

    Domingo is great. And really pink like Jinx.
    Nice light bulb too.

  2. ColdFusion

    headscarves look so great! Everyone should wear them.
    Hahaha we see where Jinx gets it from.

  3. Infectedwithboredom

    I’m back after like what 4-5 months(I lived in a military academy) and just read through everything I missed. I will admit there were a lot of “gasps!” and “lols” as I went through everything and I think I shrieked like a girl once…oh well.

    Anyway about that comment of yours, in some page I can’t remember, you said that you wish you could take credit for some of the monsters but that they are from Mexican mythology or whatever.

    I say you shouldn’t feel bad about that, a lot of things in mediums just take from mythology and folklore legends. Like in the anime, “Naruto”, the Nine-Tails is actually part of Japanese folklore. As well as in the very popular “Mario” game series. Did you know a Koopa is also mythological creature from Japan? Google and Wiki it, I’ve seen some scary looking pictures.

    Last but not least, good job on your comic man, every arc seems to be better than the last and I’m excited about hearing about Mona’s back story. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. tavo2

    nice to see you back, I thought Koopa was a food in Korea, I think you mean Kappa, anyway dont go away they are a lot new things in the near future (maybe I should do a teaser)

  5. ColdFusion

    Yeah you’ve got it right, Kuppa is the japanese version of Gukbap, basically soup with rice. the similarity to ‘kappa’ is a coincidence.. and using ‘koopa’ to apply to the turtles is incorrect, only the spike shelled ones are actually called that in japan.

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