Pilli vs Paco
September 30th, 2011

Pilli vs Paco

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what did you expect this no marvel comics or dc that heroes fight for no reason at all.
Anyway How Paco cannot be a mexican soup opera fan those girls sexy girls that appear half naked and doing nasty stuff…..


  1. Parisu

    Actually they are called “Soap” Operas not due to “Sopa” (Soup) but to be referread from Soap (Jabon) I will research more later to share with you but first….


  2. Kasumi

    You mean soap operas?

  3. Dennis el Azul

    ¡FATAL K.O.! Pilli wins. PERFECT!

  4. tavo2

    @kasumi my mistake oops, I´ll fix it when I get home (around the afternoon)

  5. Ruy F

    Who doesn’t love mexican soapoperas, they are the cheesiest of the cheesiest, “el trinfo del Amor” was a goldmine of ham.

  6. ColdFusion

    Yeah I’ve seen some soap operas from other countries.. they’re all a lot more interesting.. and have boobies.

  7. tavo2

    @Parisu sorry it took me a lot of time to approve your comic kinda messing with your FIRST COMMENT, I didnt saw it in the morning before I left to the office, I cannot turn off yet the approving system because there is a lot of spam that I get everyday despite of having a lot of software in the site to avoid that.

  8. Infectedwithboredom


    Did anyone else wish they didn’t learn this about Paco? Our super manly hero? D:

    How could you Pilli?!

  9. Ominous

    Would have bee funnier if it was MLP:FiM Instead of Soap Operas.

  10. man in black

    can’t beat your friends, they know your secrets

  11. Maju

    “Soup opera” sounds better: with all those tears you could fill cauldrons of soup. Soap? Why soap?

    You can always invent the “‘sup opera”? Where people talk cool and real instead of so pretentiously. I guess…

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