Narco arc over???
October 26th, 2011

Narco arc over???

Anyway the narco arc is over, I really need an editor because I could have done this page in 15 updates.
Anyway just wanted to get mock narcos that lately have done so much stuff in my city in the last few days,(probably wont translate the narco arc for the spanish version), Anyway is far form over Jose still at large and there is a secret about the narco cola but meanwhile for a few weeks there will be some strips (pvp, penny arcade style ) meanwhile I pulish some details and do some research.


  1. David Herbert

    She bagged them to go *Rim shot*

  2. Dennis el Azul

    Please, translate the narco arc to Spanish, it is very good. If you want, I can translate it for yourself (but I think it has no sense, because you are Mexican and you know the exact translation for this).

  3. Rikushadow5

    Naco Cola, Y U SO HORRIBLE?!

  4. tavo2

    Dennis is not like dont wanna but Narcos here are kinda scary and I think that this will get me in real trouble ( I like to live thank you)

  5. Ruy F

    SO, the Narco arc its just filler and Non canon…? You should translate it, its not like they would care, besides if you dont How are you going to explain Naco cola, it seems its going to be a recurring thing for a while.

  6. tavo2

    yes its canon, Jinx family was introduced and naco cola will be a recurring plot

  7. ColdFusion

    I love the labeled paper bag.. and I need to try that on Mona..
    I was about to ask ‘is Jinx really leaving?’ then I realized she never really ‘joined’ their ‘group’ she just shows up sometimes.

  8. tavo2

    no she is not leaving her monster hunting thing is more like a hobby or a part time job

  9. carlos

    hahaha, see this

  10. Infectedwithboredom

    I like how in the third panel, Jynx’s bag is just labled, ‘paper bag’. And in the next panel you added an exclamation mark. Made me lol.

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