Naco cola 19
January 18th, 2012

Naco cola 19

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oh my…..
should I close the site tomorrow because of the SOPA protest. Im not an american but several sites I enjoy comes from the USA


  1. ColdFusion

    It affects everybody, even if only America gets to vote on it.. of course no Americans get to actually vote on it, just our idiot senators nobody voted for.
    There’s nothing we can do so there’s no reason to punish people… I don’t understand the blackout.
    When they wouldn’t let black people in restaurants, they didn’t boycott the restaurant.. they walked in and sat down.

  2. xheralt

    SOPA/PIPA is something you *should* worry about; the legislation is aimed very specifically at sites outide of the USA, that are not subject to DMCA. Like with DMCA, a simple affidavit could have your webcomic blocked in all USA servers, unviewable unless us readers know the direct IP address (or whatever the IPv6 equvalent will be). Why would this happen? For example, Coca-Cola might decide that they don’t like anything even remotely resembling their product being called an addictive narcotic. That’s all it would take. Do you have Paypal or a CafePress store? The US government, in pursuit of an allegation, could freeze and seize your income sources, with no due process (just the “good word” of the offended corporation), no clear means of appeal, and no chance of reparations if you prevail against an unjustified action on their part. Even if you don’t participate (you are a small fish compared to Google, Reddit, or even Questionable Content) this is something that could threaten your livliehood — or hobby, whatever this webcomic is to you.

  3. tavo2

    this is terrible sadly everything that happens at the United States or America affects the rest of the world.
    This thing could kill the web as we know it

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