zombie master?
February 20th, 2012

zombie master?

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Sorry for the lack of quality kinda there is a carnaval outside my house, kinda something bigger than mardi grass (and I did carnaval strips ages ago)kinda hard to make comics when the loud music/beer/all that dancing is outside your house


  1. Edd

    That is actually really clever. Make people think they are going to become a zombie to trick them into committing suicide.

    But I am confused as to why he cannot control second generation zombies. Eh, he will probably explain it later.

    Small grammar error: it should be “only BY dying CAN YOU become my SLAVE”

  2. tavo2

    thanks already fixed. where did you get he cant control second generation zombies?

    he can revive and control the dead.

  3. Raruto

    Zombie is mine!

  4. Desmond the Patient

    Le teme a su propia secretaria! :3 Esto sera genial!

  5. Kintrex

    This guy is my new favorite minor character.

  6. reynard61

    There’s only one “s” in Mardi Gras. [/spelling nazi]

  7. ColdFusion

    Hehehe.. that’s so brilliant.. everyone thinks being bitten turns them, but it doesn’t, he can’t control people that have only been bitten.. it makes sense really.

  8. Edd

    @ Tavo2
    In most zombie stories a bite/scratch infects and turns the victim into a zombie. So many would assume that the Zombie Master’s zombie could bite/scratch and turn normal people into zombies that are also under the Zombie Master’s control (like in the video game Stubbs the zombie).

    This guy says that bites/scratches are not enough and that they must die. But why would he need them to die since (in most zombie stories) bites/scratches turn you into a zombie. Killing them is an unnecessary step since they should turn into zombies in a few minutes.

  9. tavo2

    but they are not normal zombies, the zombie master name comes from mictlantecuhli,
    in aztec mithology he is the lord of the dead, living things are outside of his jurisdiction, he needs the living being to die to be able to raise and control them,

    and they were some hints Mona monster skin was able to kill a zombie, and most of Pilli adventure monster could easily evade a zombie swarm but they are some of them in the zombie master legion of the undead.

  10. Kandarako

    interesting… so… our death god is more like a necromancer

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