the living game part 2
May 21st, 2012

the living game part 2

the plot tickens

Anyway this week Ive doing a diet I lost 5 kg but today I was invited to a party so probably I gained again those kilos,
In other news people got ma at me at the local comibook store because the revanger arc was too short and wanted to see more instead of giving these living game story…..
(at least they should wait a little before they hate the story)



  1. Mask777

    I have seen pilli’s mom before and she reminds me of my mom.

    First post yay!

  2. Edd

    That is a really nice effect on the mom in the last panel.

    Panel 3 is interesting. You could put it as the gramatically correct phrase “A NON rat infested” but is not as hip or cool with the kids as the next phrase.

    A more hip and modern phrase that would be accepted by everyone is “a NOT rat infested room”, but my teacher would take off points because it is not “traditional” per say.
    Why “NOT rat infested” is accepted but “rat NOT infested” is wrong is something that I cannot figure out why, probably because it is not part of traditional English but rather is a new invention made up and used by young people.

  3. tavo2

    oh the more you know.
    anyway would have been a lot easier if I just used “guest room” but in fact that room is really rat infected.
    Edd I dont know what I would do without you

  4. Raruto

    Yes give them cake

  5. ColdFusion

    wow, being recognized!!
    Psst, you should still remove the “is” before “across the hall” because you said ‘is’ already at the beginning.

  6. ejg

    THIS IS INGLISH!! and we respect its autoritah!!

  7. tavo2

    sorry sorry ,
    kinda a messy day today it wont happen again

  8. jwbalsley

    Another awesome comic I discovered today, I’ll dig into the story soon!

    I love your art and style!

  9. tavo2

    thank you, is always nice to see new faces here, I promess I´ll keep working and making decent comics

  10. ColdFusion

    It pains me to say, but you switched ‘rat’ and ‘not’ when you fixed that last time.
    This must be very frustrating for you ^^’ just remember, if any of us tried to write a comic in espanol it’d be utterly unreadable.

  11. tavo2


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