the living game part 4
May 25th, 2012

the living game part 4

edited.- my mistake I mean I fixed the bug in the comment section, now you can comment again

And all that stuff happened in the comic run,

Im on a diet already lost 5 kilos, I want to be super thin during convention season I know its a stupid dream but is my dream,
anyway sorry for the mistakes these days being on a diet kinda blurs my mind thankful for all your input I can say that Ive dozens of editors Aand I can only pay them with my thanks and comics,
There is a lot of things I want to do already (preparing a big arc that will run soon , more weird satnd alone comics and doing research for a Mona origin arc)


  1. Gyro

    Gotta be loving Mona and her inability to keep quiet.
    Also great to see you have that goal! You have to look nice for the ladies in the conventions, what diet are you following?

  2. algeya

    nothing real special a doctor gave a diet something about portions but probably lost weight because I stopped between meals and drank coke instad of coffe at the office

  3. Raruto

    Skinny dipping adventure lol, I Want an onsen bath adventure please

  4. Mord_Sith

    Uhh… not to seem like a downer but Coke’s worse for you than coffee, yeah, coffee messes with your heart rate, but Coke (and any soft drink with Phosphoric Acid in it) eats your innards.

    Look up T-Bone Steak in Coke for an example, it takes roughly 24 hours for a 2 liter of Coke to completely dissolve a steak.

    On top of that, on principle I refuse to drink anything that has a component in it (once again, phosphoric acid) that is used to clean up street gibs after particularly nasty vehicle accidents.

    On another note, your new twitter scroll on the right side is making it impossible to type in the comment box, I got this comment in here by selecting some of Raruto’s comment and then tabbing down to this field.

  5. ALgeya

    Ok I will get érase the box when I get home

  6. ColdFusion

    Hilarious, I love Mona
    don’t listen to Mord Sith btw, that’s bollocks. People love telling lies about big name brand things.
    He was right about having to use tab to get into the field though, glad you fixed that.

  7. algeya

    -PS.- I come from a country that drinks a really big quantity of coke kinda we built resistance to it

  8. Mord_Sith

    Why do you think people who drink 4 litres of Pepsi / Coke get ulcers all over the bloody place?

  9. algeya

    the field workers in the company I work usually drink 2 ltrs of coke everyday and they seem fine

  10. Edd

    Heh, applying pressure to both ends. Smart move.

  11. Mord_Sith

    *shrug* I’m probably biased considering I get nasty heartburn from drinking anything with Phosphoric Acid in it (I tested this, Carbonic and Citric acids don’t do it, just Phosphoric (Iced Tea, Colas, etc.)

    But I still stand by my statement that I refuse to drink anything that has the same chemical in it that’s used to clean up street gib.

  12. ColdFusion

    Think about it the other way around:
    they’re using harmless natural chemicals in their cleaning, instead of harsh strange ones.
    of course Coke is very acidic but so is fruit juice. It only has a tiny concentration of citric and phosphoric acid, the strong one is the carbonic acid. Keep in mind your stomach is built to withstand HYDROCHLORIC acid. check it out.

  13. Mord_Sith

    Built to withstand Hydrochloric alone, when you start adding other acids to the mix it doesn’t exactly cancel the other acids out, it builds up, and as I said before, I have both a physical and mental reason to stay the heck away from the stuff that’s ONLY limited to Phosphoric Acid (I got a bottle of cream soda here that I’ve been putting back easily enough.)

    I’m only pointing out the fallacy that coffee’s worse than Coke in terms of your health, they’re both equally bad for different reasons.

    If you’re really thinking of your health then just drink regular water, lightly flavored drinks, dairy (Questionable but not bad by a long shot), some teas (Green tea seems in vogue with the health conscious these days), juices with no additives, and whatnot like that.

    Substituting Coke for Coffee is like substituting Meth with Sniffing Glue, they do different things, but they’ll really mess you up in the end no matter which you go with. (A very extreme example but again, it’s trading one set of problems with another.)

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