the living game part 13.- and donatello does machines
June 15th, 2012

the living game part 13.- and donatello does machines

Early comic because I want to,
kinda this page express my feelings about super heroes, I know they pay after doing a few months and one miniseries they are forgiven,
I was really unhappy with the last week quality making many mistakes both art and writting maybe I should have a break or take some vacations


  1. Nekro13

    A comic, 8 hours early from my normal time!? Waking up to this is just awesome. I have to agree with Paco here. Being a Villain rocks even though in games, it’s the worst thing ever (I’m talking to you Skyrim and Fallout). The only hero that has any consequences anymore is Batman.

  2. ejg

    this is a really great panel.

  3. algeya

    thanks but I think I could do better (maybe if I did only one comic each month like the other famous webcomics)

  4. Anonymous

    maybe if you get someone to color it and help you out.

  5. onabyrcse

    i could help if you want 🙂

  6. ColdFusion

    The only mistakes I ever see are in English, and English is hard!!
    for example here I think you meant “betrayal”
    this is really funny, it’s a good point.. heroes get away with such ridiculous mistakes, just because they act like it was an accident.. even the marvel Civil war and such.. I think it’s more like the FANS want to forgive and forget, and write off the incorrect hero behavior as bad writing.

  7. Kandarako

    you made me remember the ultimate spiderman animated series… how that guy destroys more than the villians sometimes xD

  8. algeya

    thanks cold I was pretty sure I didnt make mistakes this time, (I really need a vacation or an editor),I really hate super heroes betray their friends just at the x-men vs avengers they are not holding back.

    @Onab maybe I´ll take your offer for a new comic pproject Im doing

  9. Maju

    …”making many mistakes both art and writting”…

    I did not notice (except one panel where Pilli seems to be naked, while in the rest she’s clothed).

  10. algeya

    that panel was just me being artistic,
    by art mistakes I mean that the quality dropped,

  11. Maju

    Then you cammouflage very well your low quality bouts, Algeya.

    Anyhow, I like Paco being the villain… “When superheroes are evil”… just like in real life, somebody has to get things right again (or at least we hope so).

  12. Mask777

    Yellow bugs?

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